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  1. What I absolutely love most of the recent changes is the custom difficulty setting because it allows me to change many things of the long dark towards the game that I prefer to play. It's like modding light. I for example like to put item decay to low, because what always destroyed immersion most for me is the thought that I needed to avoid touching stuff when scavenging because my anti midas touch would turn everything into garbage over time and good play according to game mechanics turned into a spreadsheet game where you needed to remember where you left things for use later on. Pilgrim's low decay with other difficulty settings high? Just great! I also change the wolf behavior a little because the way they are implemented was too much of a zombie survival game for my taste, I prefer less frequent attacks but extremely harsh fights when they do. And I disable auroras because they are just the ultimate zombie game addition. They are beautiful though, I wished we could have an option to enable these without the green zombie wolves and without the electricity reconnect, which both also destroy immersion for me. Next please: A real modding API!