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  1. I am glad someone posted this. It is nice when devs stay true to the game. A lot of people have been asking for ALOT of different things, but I think they forget something very simple about TLD. This game is based on a finite number of resources, if they add something, then logically some thing has to be reduced or removed to keep a balance.
  2. One thing I do to try to keep boredom out. I get away from all the "normal" play styles. Not starving yourself, attempting things during blizzards, etc. Anything "new" does help. Lately I have been trying to find all the cairns, I just wish I knew how many there are in the different areas, but this also helps with boredom.
  3. While showshoes or slings sound like a good idea. Most people have no idea how to actually use them. As stated by ThudYeo, there is no truly deep snow for the snowshoes to be useful. Beyond that using them in shallow or light snow is a far greater detriment for movement, especially if you wanted to sprint. Thou most people only think of slings for carrying a weapon. It is extremely useful for aiming, especially reducing sway. That being said, I believe, it would make the rifle far too powerful.
  4. Yes this was a bit sad, but I am hoping that in later episodes there might be something more about this quest line. Due to the way the line "ended", it seems like there might be more coming later.
  5. The short answer is no. The storyline is basically set and you play thru it. Yes you can change the difficulty to a point but the basic parameters stay the same. Wildlife will agro on you, as this is part of the storyline. The only "true" pilgrim mode is in the sandbox.