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  1. @Fuarian I know what you mean. I think the only places that "force" you to live ourdoors would be the Forlorn Muskeg and Timberwolf Mountain. And even those have a hut and decent train cart to live inside. Here's to hoping future zones make it much more difficult to live in. I just live that way because well, I almost "have" to, due to my cabin fever ramping up. @stratvox Nice camp spot. I just trudged over to Milton about a day ago and stayed at the picnic area a bit and the inside the cave down below. I'm currently looking for a place to crash for a few weeks. Somewhere a bit bizarre.
  2. Hi there. I thought I'd chime in and give a few ideas as to what I'd love to see implemented as well. Build-able storage and items With all of the tools we have, I think we should be able to build items. For example, if I live outside, I should be able to build a small box to keep my fishing tackles in, or other tools like bullets and knives. This keeps clutter from forming around campsites. I also think we should be able to make a "cooler" in the snow to store fresh meat from spoiling. It should lower decay drastically, and even freeze it. Additional wildlife This has been said many times but I thought I'd throw it in there anyhow. But I also think we should see female deer, female moose, fawns and bear cubs. They may not offer much in resources but it'll be a nice sight to see and also a danger for any hunter unwary of a nearby parent. Cooking overhaul I think that we should be able to make more immersive campsites and actually cook recipes. There are skillets and pots in homes. They'll be heavy, but can be placed above fires for cooking outside. We should be able to make broth from meat, stews and soups, jerky for lighter travel snacking and so on. These may require a lot of ingredients or time, but in the long run it's worth it for a whole pot to eat on. Soup can also assist "common cold" afflictions should you decide to add them. An actual backpack I travel often and live outside. I know our storage is technically our backpack but it would actually be a cool accessory to have for more weight management. Moose are rare, and while they yield a nice trophy such as a sack for carrying goods, there are backpacks everywhere in the game we could easily pick up. More shelter crafting Sure, we can lay out a bedroll and fire or make a snow shelter, but a long term project could be a small shack. It'll take days, if not weeks in game and it'll take serious commitment for any player to want to start. It would require tons of wood, cloth, metal scraps, etc. This way, you can truly live where you want to. It might not be a luxurious home and more like the hut on Timberwolf Mountain, but it's a home nonetheless. More clothing and sewing I can't imagine who wouldn't want more clothing. But I also believe we should be able to sew our own clothes. We can take cloth and sewing kits and make our own gloves, sweaters and socks. They may not be as durable but they'll work in a pinch. These are just a few things I'd like to see implemented. I know people have said a lot of the same, so I don't want to be repetitive and state every single thing I want, because a lot of us want the same thing. I'm looking at you, candles suggestion.
  3. Kedge


    Love this idea!
  4. Almost day 90 for me, and I've yet to see a moose in my current game. I've only run into one before on another save, and it was a terrible experience, haha. I met him on the bridge in Desolation Point and silly me, I thought I could give chase. But as soon as one bullet hit him, I was instantly clotheslined lol.
  5. So I currently am playing a custom game I designed. There is plenty of wildlife, natural resources but most of all, weather. Terrible, terrible weather. With the right adjustments, I currently have a base temperature of approximately 47 degrees with my gear-and I STILL freeze! I absolutely love it. The cold and dark will sooner kill you than any animal. But in my game play, I also have enabled "Cabin Fever". I didn't think this was an issue because well, I explore and very often. However, I ate two pieces of bear meat(4% chance, tell me about unlucky!) and contracted internal parasites. And while resting safely indoors, I obtained cabin fever. I was exhausted, it was snowing heavily outside-it was an insane experience for ten days that I pulled through. I've seen a lot of people choose bases(of course they do, and I have myself) but is anyone totally nomadic? Does anyone choose to live "inconveniently"? When I lived in Coastal Highway, my home was a snow shelter on that ledge between the ground and the Abandoned Lookout Tower. I slept in the little nook, which from most angles, also kept my fire going through blizzards. I was safe from animals but at the cost of tiring myself out rope climbing to gather food and wood(I even lost my grip once, it was terrifying). Do you live outside? Do you have a risky camp with maybe one benefit that seems hardly worth it in the eyes of most? Do you live in a "weird" location? I lived in Pensive Pond in Pleasant Valley(I'd have stayed longer had it not been for the crashing..), then my nook in Coastal Highway, and now(almost day 90) I've chosen to live in Raven Falls Railway Line. There is plenty of wood in the area and my cave is absolutely warm in the back(it feels like 72 degrees without a fire! I sleep in the upper level cave, not down in the ravine). I thought about trying to live in a railway cart if I decide to stay in Mystery Lake. I have to travel there to fish or find wolf pelts, then I trek home. It's inconvenient, but it's comfortable, fun and keeps me going. It also keeps the cabin fever at bay. To me, living outside, I get to observe nature more and I feel less restricted or "needing" to hide and stay indoors. Animals don't bother me too often, given my wolf and bear clothing but it does happen from time to time. Especially when I'm trying to take my hunt back home. I have the scent set to high so it makes it harder to hunt due to animals fleeing, or easier for predators to find me if I'm carrying meat. I like a challenge. For my next home, I'm thinking of living in the Broken Railroad, or maybe make my way over to Milton. For a brief time, I also stayed on the Crumbling Highway. But now, I'm going to be spending days taking firewood and other things back home from the damn. Do you live in a strange place like a transition zone, or maybe you just choose one perk of a location with the downside of many?
  6. @Arzanot Okay, thanks for the clarification. I wasn't sure what was meant by "badges".
  7. @GroggyNoggin By badges, do you mean feats. Is this really true? Because my progress is still progressing for Snow Walker and Fire Master as I play my custom game.
  8. @MrsmZinja Like in life, moose wander around marshes frequently. I've seen a few in Forlorn Muskeg. I met my very first moose in Desolation Point. It was wandering on the bridge that overlooks the ice below(leave the warehouse, walk the road left). I've seen one in Timberwolf Mountain near the outskirts of Crystal Lake. You can check the wiki page, if you want: My custom game has all wildlife set to "Very High" and I STILL struggle to find moose. I don't know the level of wildlife on whatever difficulty you are playing, if not a custom one.
  9. I'm aware that they are not expected to flee every time.. but that's just it. They never fled from me. They're always vicious. I've tried low detection and high detection. A percentage, in my opinion would be a better option to toggle with since you don't give us an actual percentage or stats to go off. 25%, 50%, 90% is more desirable to see than low-high. As a player, I am unaware of the odds. You know them, I do not. High to you could be one out of ten wolves flee. High to me would be five or more wolves out of ten will flee, therefore making wolf attacks an actual rarity, such is nature. @Patrick Carlson But thanks for the response anyway. I quite enjoy these custom options given to us. Some settings feel like they need adjusted but this is a definite start in the right direction for custom game play and I love it.
  10. You ever play This War of Mine? Incredible survival strategy game. I would quite enjoy not only surviving, but keeping myself occupied and together. I totally agree! Coming across crossword puzzles, allowing us to read books before burning them-if at all, instruments are a stretch but there's bound to be an old guitar laying around, finding paper to draw or write with, etc. This War of Mine also had addictions such as cigarettes and coffee that could lessen tension and mood for your character(s). Alcohol also could combat sadness momentarily and so on. While I don't think TLD is going to be giving us whiskey, I believe an addition such as this would not only keep things interesting, but further immerses the player.
  11. I still have a question @admin. The wildlife option combinations: Passive Wildlife Off + Wolf Fear High Passive Wildlife On + Wolf Fear None These combinations are not consistent. One choice makes the other choice not matter. If they are working how you intended for them to, can someone please explain to me the reasoning/nature behind these combinations of choices so I have a better understanding as to why they don't? Passive Wildlife off should mean that bears and moose will be aggressive, but wolves will run away with their fear turned up high. I even adjusted the range they detect me to promote this fear. It did nothing. If we can toggle on/off aggression, then the option to touch wolf fear shouldn't even be there if it doesn't matter. I won't be getting this on PC until I get a new PC early next year, so for now I play on PS4. I can't speak for other platforms if this works the same. Thanks for your time.
  12. Welp. Now I can't start a new custom game properly without closing my whole game and rebooting it, because I can hear clicking but no options highlight or change. I also got a serious performance drop at the startup screen. There was already minor lag to begin with, but it froze on me the first time and wouldn't go to the menu, the second time it did, it was kinda' whacky. A reboot does re-enable my ability to customize though. I guess I'll try out some options and report back.
  13. Oh jeez, not sure if this is in the right forum. I clicked "ask a question" and it took me to a new thread to begin. Sorry if this is in the wrong place!