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  1. Note, you don't need to complete the next (sixth) challenge after you succeed in completing all five challenges. After playing Hopeless Rescue for less than an hour, the achievement unlocked.
  2. Definitely! But be sure to carry extra cloth, because dismantling a snow shelter only provides 2 cloth. When I TWM, I carry 9 cloth so I build 3 snow shelters (5+2+2). Sticks you can always find laying around. Make sure you keep an eye out for any caves you come across as well, they can be lifesavers! Also bring lots of prepared coffee. You'll be glad to have the energy boost to get through all the rope climbing sections. Last thing, don't forget to bring a hacksaw.
  3. Mel, Hinterland team, my suggestion here would be to provide players with something that allows us to track the number of unmapped areas per map. So we could see that Mystery Lake is 15/15 but Coastal Highway is at 13/15. Then we can both see where we're falling short, and narrow down the issue for you. Just add a screen in the in-game menu, or add a */x overlay on the map screen. Anything. Figuring out where we're going wrong shouldn't be this baffling!