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  1. True, but you are all missing what I'm trying to get at (besides that the gas station is possibly the worst spot in the game for wolves). The point is that there is no reason to go outside during an Aurora. There's nothing in the game that says "hey, this is an event, you should go do this cool thing", but instead the game mechanics actively discourage you from going outside, due to the cold/dark/danger. It just seems like such a shame to me that one of the coolest parts of the game is something that players are discouraged from experiencing. If Auroras are going to be extra dangerous, there needs to be a compelling reason to venture out into them.
  2. Having played quite a bit with the new Auroras now, both in survival mode and story mode, I have to say I don't think they are as good as they could be. My biggest grief with the Auroras is that they are one of the most beautiful and interesting parts of the game, and players are actively discouraged from experiencing them. They only occur at night, so it's either A) too dark, B) too cold, or C) too dangerous because of the homing missile wolves. As just one example, my latest play through on Interloper, I was crafting in the Quonset garage, and I had left a couple pieces of cooked food right outside the door. I stepped outside to grab one before sleeping, and immediately was killed by an Aurora wolf. No bark, no warning, just instant death. Now maybe that's an issue with the Quonset garage itself, but I think it highlights the problem. I've learned that if an Aurora is active, I do not go outside for any reason, even just to grab food from storage that is right outside the door. The Auroras have been reduced from a cool, beautiful, interesting game experience to some flickering lights that warn me not to go outside. And I think that's a shame, the Auroras should be something that encourages you to go out and experience them.
  3. I'm not sure why boiling the water really matters at all. I've been backpacking almost every summer in Ontario for over 2 decades, drinking straight out of the lakes the entire time. Never had an issue, nor has anyone I have ever gone with in our group. I heard about a friend of a friend who got sick once, but he was also not as healthy as most people. The odds of getting sick from drinking un-purified water in this area should be incredibly low, especially for any normal healthy adult.