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  1. I also killed a wolf in one shot today, i probably did a crit or a headshot or both. It was during the wolf charge at blank point.
  2. I killed at wolf in 2 shot, the first when he was charging me, the second during the fight with the revolver, it was the fatal blow. I play in Stalker.
  3. Thanos

    Broken Rifle

    The save is too far now, but i feel the bow receipe is lacking in wintermute.
  4. Thanos

    Broken Rifle

    ok i will try these options, thx for the reply.
  5. Thanos

    Broken Rifle

    In episode 2, I accidenty broken my rifle wich was given at 22 or 24%. What should i do now, can i find another? I'm screw for completing quest like killing wolfs?
  6. Same problem here, i'm stuck in the game, plz fix. I did the quest after the hunting one, and had visited the lookout before starting anyquest, the pelt wasn't available at that time too.