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  1. When is that Microsoft patch supposed to go through. I don't want to continue playing until it has.
  2. I'm surprised after how long they have worked on this game that there are visual glitches in the cut scenes. I am loving the game so far. However as I was leaving the cave at the end of episode on, I was wondering what lie on the other side, the plane? Another town? More mountainous territory to scale down? Nope just a quick cut scene and then the credit. WAY TOO SHORT!!!!
  3. Yes, first food mission is to fill the fridge with canned stuff and water, actual packaged food. Second part of the food mission is to forage either deer or rabbit. After you fill the fridge the first time you have to talk to grey mother. After you speak with her, if you leave the house and walk down to the road towards the gas station there will be a deer spawned there. You can also look at your map and it will show you were the deer are to harvest.