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  1. Wow those numbers are way too random for this game. I guess I just got super unlucky last time (it was the only time a wolf attacked me in 50 days). I still try my best to abstain from all wolf-related activities in interloper, but the fact that just one attack can be certain death frustrates me. If anything this level of deadliness should be switched out with bears, since you actually have to make a huge mistake to have a bear maul you
  2. I'm just testing JAFO's method quickly, I know using bare fists is bad but I'm just trying to get a large sample size. Funny you say to craft a knife, thats what I died with in my last 50 day interloper game (didnt have my axe because I was submitting TWM and had too much weight to climb / descend the ropes). It worked about as well as fists did.
  3. Thanks for the tip on rhythm clickinng, I'll try that next time. I'm only really complaining about this because I died in the most BS way (wolf noclipping down a cliff on TWM to get to me) and just wanted to vent somewhere so I could sleep at night. EDIT: Cannot confirm your method, just started a few runs of interloper and yolo'd the first wolf I could find each time, clicking at 120 bpm. Failed 3/4 times, the one time it actually ran away just seemed like RNG, I only clicked like 3 times and it fled. None of the times did the bar even leave empty. Of course I am only using my fist, I'll test again after finding a heavy hammer
  4. I hate how its nearly impossible to win a wolf struggle when I have a full set of heavy +21°C clothing and 100% condition. It's only been like this after FC was released... Now I know I should just git gud and keep a distance of 2 km between me and a wolf at all times but sometimes glitches happen or I just have no other option. As soon as the screen comes up where you have to click a weapon it's game over. A freaking bear can maul me twice in a row and I can just put on some bandages and be A-ok, but when a wolf attacks I'm dead before I ever get a chance to pull out an emergency stim... I think instead of draining all of your condition in 2 seconds, just make it so your clothes get torn more or have way more bleeding wounds to patch up and disinfect. Slowly struggling for life while succumbing to wounds / infection is also much more engaging game play than just instant lights out from a zombie wolf attack