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  1. all valid points Mroz4k. Perhaps exclude the firestarter from stalker and interloper but have the crafting of flint/metal fire making tools. As long as the fire starting tools need to be crafted i think this would fit well with the game.
  2. Thanks thats an interesting strategy, i have double wool socks and double torque hats and double thermals(not wool) which has helped with frostbite but like you say if the weather is bad(normal) it doesnt really matter what you wear negative temp is just negative temp. Reducing the clothing damage is interesting. One obvious benefit is less wood needed to reach positive temperature when making fires, which is crucial as i find it hard to hoard lots of wood for long fires atm. I need to work on my firewood collecting skills because the wolfskin coat as nice as it is has given me cabin fev
  3. Ah thanks for this, my journal says day 59. Its the temperature thats the only thing that would make me go back to stalker. I do enjoy the challenge of starting a new game on interloper with really bad odds against the character. after many failed attempts i feel like i was handed a rare easier start after deleting and loading a new character a few times. The starting temperature was milder so i could loot all of pleasant valley before going to desolation point to craft arrow heads and knives. Now its hell (in a good way)
  4. I love that the Alone producers have changed it up this season, i think its working well. The grueling hike to find teammates has weeded out the fearful and weaker contestants. This is a fantastic show, for those who havent watched any of Alone the previous seasons are well worth a watch. My money is on the husband and wife team
  5. Its was the temperature Thrasador. I was about to craft a wolfskin coat before i left, but as the work table at fishing camp is outside i was burning matches so fast crafting and my meat supplies were dwindling. I only have x2 synthetic coats ones a shell. I have rabbit mitts dearskin boots and pants. As i was low condition i couldn't find the time to collect much fire wood for an "all nighter" Thing is when i arrived at ML with very low condition and found out i forgot the stims i popped into the dam with the intention of fighting fluffy, i left my lamp and a flair burning by the i
  6. After consuming all but 2 of the matches from PV,DP and coastal highway i decided to take 40kg of my stuff to mystery lake in search of mag glass. It was an epic walk with 1hour sleep en route to make it on the lake itself with 10 hp. It's ok I have x3 emergency stims, oops I left them at coastal highway fishing camp :-( I dropped most of my stuff on the ice just making camp office door with 1hp. Lucky very lucky I now have the mag glass lol The medium to long-term goals on the roadmap look very interesting.
  7. Thats great to hear i hope they do Thrasador. I agree there are a few matches spawns dotted around each region. I forgot to take my last box out of a cupboard before i started crafting some boots outside -25, rather than run back home to fetch them i decided to try the last car on coastal highway road, bam! matches on the floor in the back of the car
  8. Hey all Iam currently on day 40 interloper and iam slowly running out of matches. I haven't found a fire starter or magnifying glass yet. It seems to me my character will die from lack of matches above anything else at the moment. With a better fire rating knowledge we do not need tinder to start fire anymore, surely it would be a good idea if they were used for starting fire by friction with sticks? Maybe the stick need to be dried out for a few days inside prior to use. A percentage of success penalty and time taken to start the fire increase seems a fair trade off. Maybe a fire