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  1. I am having the exact same thing in Firefox on windows 10.
  2. I did some more trying out of things, so it seems to be pretty much like this. Any of the new places where the interior was done over with Wintermute, like the camp office, or the lake cabins in Mystery Lake, the lighting is perfect, really nice actually! The day times are bright as you would expect, the nights are pitch black, and it darkens really nicely as the day gets late and turns into night, and brightens nice over time in the morning. The old interiors that were not updated, like signal hill, the farmstead, houses in coastal highway, and so on, are the ones with this problem. They look fine during the day if not a bit overly dark, but at night they all have this fake blueish lighting that lets you see pretty much just fine. The weird thing is it is actually easier in some of these places to see into dark corners and so on at night than during the day. That's because this fake blue night lighting is even and the same all through the house, where as the day lighting has bright spots and dark shadows from the lighting from the windows. I really hope they go back and put the new lighting into all the old places too. The new lighting is great!! This fake blue night lighting though is driving me crazy.
  3. I am having this exact same problem! I came to the forums looking for an answer. I just came back to playing TLD after being away from it for a while and was starting off in pleasant valley. I noticed that the farmstead and signal hill were so bright I could see just fine, exactly like your screenshot, even in the middle of the night. I remember from when I used to play all inside places were pitch black in the middle of the night. Weirdly, at the same time, the barn at the outbuildings is super dark inside even in the middle of the day. Much more so than it used to be, or should be on a sunny afternoon. Another thing I noticed is that when I go to the brightness adjustment in the options, at 100% the wolf and the logo appear really bright and clear. Going to the minimum of 50 I can still see both clearly. Did you see the same thing with the brightness slider? Something is definitely not right.
  4. What happens is that when I exit the building, I fall for a few moments, and then it lands me at what I believe is that global safe spot on the train tracks by the tunnel. I started a new sandbox since then that put me in Desolation Point, and it hasn't happened at all there. I am just getting into Coastal Highway now with that sandbox which is where the problem was happening the most before. Let me play a little more on this one to see if it starts happening again, but then either way after that I will submit the screenshots you asked for. Thank you!
  5. I'm definitely not so heavy I'm crashing through the rock It has happened on a bunch of different buildings and in several different kinds of weather. It seems very random. It was happening most to me at the house I made my home, which is the house on the outskirts of the coastal town site in coastal highway. The one close to the water that is sometimes burned down (not the gray one that is always there). It has happened to me in many different buildings though including trailers, not just houses. It got to the point where maybe 2/3 times I exit that house I fall through the world. It has 2 different doors one to a deck and one to some little steps to the ground. Both doors have the problem the same. Edit to add: I restarted a couple of times and it happened in other sandboxes as well not just this one, this one has just been where the problem has gotten to be the worst. In previous ones it was happening but rare.
  6. Hi, I came back to playing lately after a while, after the newest update. I have been noticing that once in a while I would fall through the the world while leaving a building. It started happening more and more often as time went on until now it seems like more often than not I fall through the world and end up at the safe spot when I exit a building. It is really frustrating because not only do I have to go back to the main menu and reload my game every time, but I lose any work I did while I was inside the house. Has anyone else had this happen before, or have any idea how to help stop it from happening?