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  1. Unfortunately it's not. The response I got from support was to submit my saved game files, but if I had rebooted the game -- even without loading a saved game file -- they would be rewritten. So given that I rebooted to see if/what I had lost, I could not submit them. The good news is that I was able to immediately start a new game file, and within the hour the problem was replicated. Yeah... so then I was able to submit the back-up files. So that's the good news, I guess... /s Very disappointed with this "game update" and the limited time to complete it, Vegas
  2. I got to day 6 in my Winter's Embrace save before I ran out of time to play and had to just hard-close TLD. The Quit option just wasn't there and there was nothing I could do to indicate my progress was being saved at all. I need to do other things on my computer and can't just leave the game running in the background indefiinitely. I loaded the game back up out of curiosity, and the last saved progress was 1D 11H 58M. ... But hey, the QUIT menu option was back so that is a win, right? In frustration, Vegas
  3. QUIT is permanently disabled in my game menu. Game events which have normally saved the game in the past -- like sleeping, pass time, entering/leaving buildings, discovering new landmarks -- are not initiating the spinner which indicates game save. ... Am I expected to play 25 days in one sitting to meet the Badge goals? Thank you, Vegas