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  1. Yes! This happens to me too. Sometimes when I climb ledges, there are only certain parts of where you can get to the next one so I thought maybe this was the same thing where I could only ascend at certain parts of the stairs. But that doesn't really make sense since these are stairs and they're level. I just try from different angles until it works. Weird "bug" (idk if this is called a bug).
  2. Unfortunately, the weather has mostly been -15C to -25C in the daytime so even the flare won't help much. It does get better during the end of the day but then that doesn't leave me with enough time before night falls to go somewhere. During one of my games, I made it to the rail tracks past the Deadfall Area so my plan is to follow the tracks until I find shelter (I'm new to the game and haven't discovered where the Camp Office or fishing huts are. But please, no need to tell me, I would like to risk trying to find it on my own since that's the point of the game :). ) Currently, it is -5C (!!) but it's snowing and it's going to be dark soon. I probably would be freezing and wet by the time I make it to the railroad tracks. Ah, maybe tomorrow. I hate wolves! I accidentally stumbled upon Forlorn Muskeg when I left Trapper's Cabin in another game (thought I could use the railroad tunnel as a shelter but it led to Forlorn Muskeg). I was freezing and I thought yes! when I saw the train carts but then the wolves killed me in front of Poacher's Camp lol. Can you kill a deer with one arrow? Or just enough to wound it? The arrow is reusable though (if it doesn't break?) so maybe you can kill a few rabbits too. But that won't last you the few days it'll take to cure another batch of birch saplings. You can always try stoning rabbits lol. Good luck, man. But if you can make it through 25 days in Forlorn Muskeg, that's pretty good. Ah, I understand what you mean, especially the routine part, even though I'm definitely not as well stocked as you are. My routine is wake up early, check snares, harvest rabbits, check snares again (my snares catch rabbits at different times), harvest rabbits again, cook a batch of meat and water, be bored, go chop some wood if weather permits, go to sleep. I can definitely survive here but I'm bored with my routine. Your situation is super impressive to a newbie like me lol but I can see why you'll be bored. 2 episodes of story mode are coming out on August 1st though!
  3. My current problem is that I want to leave Trapper's Cabin soon and go exploring but the weather has been bad for the past 3 days and I don't have enough warm clothing (+4C only) to stay outside past 20 minutes. I have enough rabbit pelts to make mittens but I don't have any scrap metal for the fishing tackle. The only thing I can break down for scrap metal is my hunting rifle and the rifle is too valuable for that lol. I have 4 rabbit snares (and lots of guts drying so I can make more) so I can definitely live here for a while but I want to explore the map and loot. My hatchet is below 50% (and I use it a lot) so I either need to find a new hatchet or find a whetstone. I also want to find some scrap metal so I can start crafting clothing/fishing tackle. I also want to find some rifle ammunition because I ran out (only found 3 in the cabin). Basically, I need to go exploring for more stuff but I can't go because it's too cold to so I need to craft clothing but I can't craft clothing without additional stuff which I can't find unless I have the clothing to go exploring. I'm waiting for my burn to heal and then I might just say fuck it and go. So, what's the current hump you're trying to get over in your game?
  4. So, 2 separate wishes: 1. Being able to open/close train doors It doesn't really make sense that these can't be used as temporary shelters (of course, I know that not everything in this game reflects real life). It won't be as good as an actual building but it's better than being out in the open. Being able to close the open carts in Derailment (ML) and Poacher's Camp (FG) would protect against animals and most importantly, mitigate the temperature and wind somewhat. 2. Being able to harvest or pick up bookbags If you can break down a pillow or bedding with a knife to get materials, why can't we do that with backpacks? Also, I wish that we can put bookbags into our inventory (an empty bookbag isn't heavy either) so that we can use it in a shelter that doesn't have a lot of containers (better than dropping everything onto the floor). This isn't high priority of course but everytime that I found a bookbag in the beginning of the game, I wished that I could bring it back to my shelter or break it down into cloth.
  5. Kazook


    I really really would like some candles! When it's dark but my character isn't tired enough to sleep, I wish I could do something other than lay in bed to pass the time. I want to repair clothing, read, or craft, stuff that's actually productive to the game, without wasting my lamp fuel. And candles should be relatively easy to craft. We harvest animals for their meat, hide, and guts. Why not fat also? According to this link: http://www.theprairiehomestead.com/2012/02/how-to-render-beef-tallow.html making your own tallow should be relatively simple. You should basically render (cook over low heat for a long time-you can do this at night when it's too cold to go outside but your character isn't tired yet) the fat. Then you melt the tallow and pour it into a container (leftover foods cans or those cups you find in places but are non-lootable) with a wick (strip of cloth that's twisted, dipped in fat, and dried). Trade-offs would be that it can only be used inside buildings (wind blows it out) and that one candle doesn't light up the whole room.