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  1. well i did just finish the episode 2 and im very happy about the game BUT i did scare when the old bear were at the cabin's door but all i do was to took off my clothes on the ground get mauled and bandage+antiseptic 4 times cuz i got him run away 1 time and killed him the last time so that was cool i did it in 30min real life not a big deal
  2. not sure if backpack is really usefull because backpack seems to be with the character but invisible anyway if we can carry overland more than our own weight, that should be very cool
  3. HI i was thinking about something ta could be nice to the game.. a sled crafted from deer and wood with this you could put 50 Kg of stuff in it but you can pull withouht be ableing to run like as if you are to 49KG The nice idea with it is you can left it at any moment like a wolf attack you left it behind, hide then come back later to get your stuff back. well it's just an idea
  4. Hi, i wanted to add a warning when you try to eat raw meat.. this is so frustrating when you want to eat your cooked meat and misclick on the raw meat without knowing you did a mistake and then take intestinal parasite cause a miscliking leading you to death cuz you didn't prepare to get this and still don't have stock for it. juste a windows saying: you really want eat a raw meat?... cuz no body will eat it intentionally exept when they are at 1% condition and starving to death and this warning should pause the game to take time to eat it or not (in case you really need to eat it raw)