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  1. Quick question. Does the sandbox mode have the entering building crash? Like the one story mode. Cheers
  2. Thanks for the info. Wasn't sure if starting a new game on episode 2 would be worthwhile. I've started again and really taking my time. Hopefully the fix what's in cert doesn't wipe main saves.
  3. Tried that. I'm xbox and haven't had the patch yet. So just deleted the save and started again. Thanks for the help so will see if this works.
  4. No it just loads me from my last save in the cave just before the bear attack the old geezer
  5. Yeah just takes me back to my last save in the cave lol
  6. Do I have to start a new game or does it continue?
  7. Get out of the cave. See bear attacking man cut scene and credits roll. Back to main menu and nothing. Any help would be great