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  1. I saw something similar on the edges of rocks I was climbing at night on TWM. I believe it was caused by the moonlight, but I also had my lantern out.
  2. So, should I be posting future bugs to that location as well, or post in this area of the forum for a confirmation to post there?
  3. Just got the update on Xbox One last night, was playing in TWM. http://imgur.com/nKaE6dg
  4. I think some of the sodas in the game should give a caffeine boost like coffee.
  5. I loaded up the game on my profile. My wife hit the guide button and changed to her profile from the main screen. Then in the game it asked which profile she was using and she picked her own (info just for full disclosure). She played Interloper. After dying by wolf her summary screen showed she survived for 0 days 0 hours and 0 minutes, despite just below that it saying she spent an hour outdoors.
  6. Kabal

    Food system

    Sounds like you just want to add an alcoholic affliction to the game.
  7. So obviously I'd like to see more challenges added to the game but I'd also like a custom challenge mode. Maybe we pick a start map and location, destination map and location, custom starting inventory, ending inventory requirements and days in game to finish. Granted the more customization there is the more people will be able to get out of it. Maybe you just want to try to survive in the trappers cabin until you can take down a bear. Or maybe you want to see if you can get from the Forestry Lookout to the Lighthouse in less than 36 hours, with a rifle and 5 bullets. Stuff like that. Granted, I know picking a start map and starting location could take some of the mystery out of the game for beginners, so maybe the challenge mode could be locked until certain requirements are met, and you have to unlock the locations by visiting them in sandbox or something like that.
  8. Kabal

    cat tails

    I've noticed this as well. I just thought it was like a bad peanut.
  9. I've experienced this as well. In my case, both times it happened I had been attacked by a wolf with a flare out. The first time I couldn't get any light sources to come up via the d-pad until I left from PV to the Cave Transition. Once loaded in the cave I hit up and my lantern appeared. The 2nd time, I couldn't get anything up with Up on d-pad, I went to my inv and tried to manually equip a flare, didn't work either. I went back to where my char had dropped the flare on the ground and picked it up. After ditching that flare (when it burned out) everything went back to normal. Seems like the game is just confused that you dropped the flare during the attack and is hung up. Picking it back up seemed to reset things.