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  1. I noticed on post by Hinterland they had NPC's appearing in sandbox, what if we change the NPC for players? We could meet in the lands, perhaps I stumble upon you in trouble with a wolf/bear and I lend a hand. We travel together for a short time (or long) share a fire, camp songs and watch each others back, do a little trading ect. Perhaps when one player decides to leave and his companion is not online he/she leaves a note, we can choose to follow the footsteps in the snow to track them down or head on our own way. My reason behind this thinking is this is such a unique and exceptional game, rather than meet an NPC I think meeting a real player/character would be awesome. To make it remote we could just have 3 players on any one game map. (3 on all maps not just per region) Would love to hear your thoughts on this, personally I would love to meet up via random chance with another real person and travel/help/assist. Perhaps your repair skills are better than mine, I can craft better than you ect.... I feel this would keep the game truly real.
  2. I think a bear clawing at your face on a 50 inch screen is sufficient for me lol
  3. Been playing for a couple of weeks myself and if this is Alpha I can only imagine how good the release version will be
  4. I agree to a rabbit, im sure im able to pick that 0.5k furry thing up and take it to a warm place to gut.
  5. Yes and more, harvest the blankets on beds to make cloth or a poncho type of wrap.
  6. Just noticed another bug, was attacked by a wolf, the wolf left and I was laying on the floor with 2 detached arms waving about in front of me.
  7. Hehe I was in Poachers camp today wishing I could close the door, makes sense to me for a small bonus to temp. +1
  8. Just a small bug for you folks, I did look but could not see another post about this topic. When your controller turns off due to low battery you get a notification from the game to reconnect the controller and press A to continue. However the game still progresses in the background which actually caused me to die today on interloper. (I was warming at a fire after dropping into the water in FM) while adding fuel my batteries died in the controller but the fire fizzled out and I slipped into the long dark while changing batteries. Cheers Guys
  9. Noticing some audio glitches mainly when transitioning from interior to exterior, The audio of snow storms and the flare reverberates at a slower rate and it is quite off putting and I need to turn down the volume at times.
  10. Thinking we could fix some audio cues when picking up items. Im pretty sure nobody needs a stick found in the woods
  11. Im on the One S and im getting the exact same thing. I get to 3 hours or so playing and I need to shut the game down and relaunch due to severe drop in Frame Rate. However It only seems to happen when im on a single particular save/run. If I die and restart I do not get this at all.
  12. Hey Folks, Ever since I tried and bought TLD I have only played on interloper mode. I have read the guide and im currently on my 118th attempt. (sucker for punishment) Problem is I dont seem to be getting anywhere despite gaining knowledge about the maps ect? First off let me list what I do...and lets say im starting in PV and my starting location is the waterfall close to three strikes. 1, Ill head to PV Farmstead and grab the supplies and the most important 12 matches. Along the way ill pick up all sticks/shrooms and rose. 2, My next stop is PV Outbuildings, Ill grab whats available and light up a fire to get myself warmed up while making some water and getting some hot food in my belly. 3, The next stage of my trip takes me to Rural Crossroads, Ill get myself warmed, rested, watered and fed before heading off to Cinder Hills heading for CH. Now everything is going great at this point and ill hit CH with fuel for fire, some food and water. But here is were it all goes tits up. When I get to CH ill be stuck, frostbite sets in and food is low. Along the way ill either find a hammer to smash open the ice fishing holes but no mats to fish or ill find cured gut and hook but no tool to open the holes. I harvest a carcass but as you know it takes 5 days to cure. I cant seem to find a way out of this scenario. Same goes for other start points, Ill find Tool but no supplies or supplies and no tool. What am I missing lol
  13. Thanks @cekivi @Pillock I tried the sister thing and it failed, she said I would have to get off my backside and stop playing xbox for that to ever happen XD
  14. Hey Folks, First of all hi guys, Im FO4Builder hailing from the UK and new member to forums and new player to TLD. As you can guess by my name I love Fallout 4 and also have a youtube channel for the game. I found TLD via a 1 hour free trial on XBox Live and have never reached for my wallet so fast for any game in my entire life. To find out it was only £15.99 was pure madness I would happily pay more for TLD. Its without a doubt the best survival game I have ever played and the realism/immersion of it is just outstanding not to mention the artwork. I have been playing Interloper since I bought the game and its kicking my ass and I LOVE IT! I have some suggestions and thoughts and im trying to keep them all in essence with the realism of TLD and I am aware we are in Alpha. Suggestions - Possibly already mentioned Hay Bails like in PV can be harvested for hay to use as tinder and insulation for clothing/makeshift bed roll. Lantern can be used to make fire (if im surviving the ice cold wild im sure I would find a way to get that flame out of the lantern and onto tinder) It would never take me 27 minutes to rip up a cardboard box to make into kindling. If i dont have a hatchet that wont stop me picking up a rock to smash an ice fishing hole Some cabins have glowing windows of a night time (Im not sure what thats about) Anything made of wood should have the option to harvest it for fire fuel Cars/Vans - Harvest seat covers (for makeshift clothing) Wire (Cordage) Gas (For Fires/Lamps) Glass (Makeshift knife) Ability to mark your way/path perhaps with ribbon/colored wire from cars/carving into a tree ect. More Variety in animal/plantlife (probably already planned) When I fire dies out especially in an oven the embers should last for X amount of time so you just add fuel and tinder to restart it without ignition source If im out of water and dehydrating you can bet your life im going to try and get some water from a waterfall. Well as for ideas thats what I have from my limited play time within the TLD world, If you disagree with any of the above I would like you to say why rather than just a flat out no Questions When looking for a base camp what do you look for/suggest? When storing raw food does keeping it outside extend its life? When you have played for 12 hours and your wife/girlfriend is moaning at you, whats the best way to get more play time? Haha well thats it for now folks, thanks for reading this far and thank you Hinterland for the best game I have ever played in my entire life...LITERALLY