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  1. Oh, I did not know that about the campfire. Thank you!
  2. Can't wait! And the teaser image is gorgeous.
  3. There are desirable wolves? LOL
  4. Voyager difficulty, ~20 days, Coastal Highway. Was heading into the fishing shack near Misanthrope's Island, directly from the garage. Foggy, but in the distance I could see the bear coming out of his cave. I moved closer and took a shot. He charged, took a second, and just as he got to me, a third. Then it gets weird. No animation of the attack, but I do hear the sounds. I did take damage, though, and there is blood on the ground. My clothes appear to be entirely unharmed. The bear is dead, and sunk ~75% down in the ice. I apply medicine/bandages for the damage then go to the bear carcass. I can still access him even though he is sunk in the ice, so I figure, okay, glitch, I was lucky, etc. I had a hacksaw and it gave the option of quartering (which I have never done before), so I selected that. It spends the time, then the bear vanishes. I have nothing in my inventory, and there is nothing on the ground. Having wasted three rounds, some health and medical supplies and a good chunk of the day, I return to the original plan of fishing. Near dusk as I head back to the garage with a load of fish I am attacked by a wolf. Mr Wolf functions at 100% of course. LOL Anyway, is this just random weirdness? Or somehow tied to my last second shot? And the vanishing bear carcass... should I have not quartered it with it sunk in the ice? Or is that also just bad luck for me? :-)
  5. I had the same issues twice in about an hour last night, also on XBOX One. Exiting grey mothers house and another small house in Milton.
  6. Currently trying to weed down the number of wolves near the garage in CH. It would be going easier if it weren't for the 3 pack that keeps showing up. lol
  7. Labenius


    I think I am like a lot of you who were expecting a story mode timeline (which we got) and the final sandbox update today (which we didn't get, but is 3-4 weeks away). It's disappointing but it's hardly the end of the world (haha). I'll still be checking in now and then for news and eventually the releases.
  8. Add my vote to having noodles (and other foods) if only to build out the world variation. I love tomato soup but too much would add to my "cabin fever" score, lol.
  9. Lingering effects that fade away over time based on the amount and type of first aid (if any) applied would be nice.
  10. I searched to see if this was reported in the Fixed, Design, Duplicate areas so I'm sorry I missed if it was. Playing Voyager difficulty on Xbox (which is updated to the latest I believe). In Coastal Highway in the little town I'm staying in one of the houses with a fireplace behind the gas station. I broke down the table in front of the fireplace, and one of the benches too. I dropped a bunch of gear on the floor where the table was (wood, water, etc.). Occasionally when I return to the house the table and bench are there again. The table is on top of the gear. Breaking it down again is no issue. It doesn't reset every time I return to the house, but "feels" like about once a day or so.
  11. Thanks! My son and I have been enjoying TLD for just a few weeks now and it's been great.
  12. Some interesting pictures of a bear taking a deer kill away from wolves in the snow. TLD was the first thing I thought of. :-) Bear Takes Deer From Wolves