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  1. It would certainly put a lot of strain on your cardiovascular system. Pretty heartbreaking to be honest...
  2. I've always found it funny, the concept that censoring others' speech according to your (not their) beliefs is somehow virtuous!
  3. Yeah probably Mountaineer's Hut for me as well. I think it's because there's no loading screen between it and the outside, and no 'base' temperature makes it feel more immersive (as opposed to a place where it doesn't matter that it's -51oC outside, it's always gonna be nice and warm indoors for no obvious reason!)
  4. Completely agree. It'd be such a waste of rifle ammunition.
  5. Wolves should get food poisoning if they eat raw meat. It's only fair! Although the idea of packs of wolves all running around with gastroenteritis is somewhat more scary than the way it is now...
  6. Dammit, I thought they meant we'd be able to talk to wolves and rabbits.
  7. Or just drop it, walk 90 degrees round it and pick it up/move it again (using right mouse button)! Added benefit that this allows 360 different degrees of rotation, as opposed to the more traditional 4!
  8. Yeah, and you should be able to craft a zimmer frame from scrap metal and cured leather!!
  9. I don't understand why everyone has such trouble with wolves. If visibility is poor and you can't see wolves in your path from a long way away then do something else (cook/repair/harvest) in the meantime. Then when it clears up a bit and you can now make sure there are no wolves around you can proceed. If that's not possible then stay within sprinting distance of shelters, or those things that help break wolf pursuits (e.g. ledges), and make sure you have enough stamina to get there. I tend to just assume that if a wolf sees me it'll probably catch me, and if it catches me it'll probably kill me, and act accordingly. Perhaps the reason people say "weather/food etc. is fine, I just die to wolves" is because they aren't trying hard enough to avoid wolves. Having to carefully avoid wolves makes the other elements of survival more difficult, and perhaps the game more fun. Btw, I'm playing on interloper, only died to a wolf once so far (on any of my sandboxes).
  10. Yeah this sounds about right for interloper. Takes some getting used to, and really reduces any room for unnecessary activity/inefficiency!
  11. I hate to be the "but that's what it'd be like in real life" guy, but that's what it'd be like in real life In fact, in real life you'd probably be lucky to get a structurally sound shelter up at all in a blizzard before you froze to death! It's a good idea always to keep a mental note of where the nearest warm shelter/house is so you can sprint to it if a blizzard suddenly appears.