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  1. Hello everyone! here is the newest part of my play through of the story lets play. I hope you all enjoy and hope you let me know what you think Many thanks MonkeyboyGamer!
  2. Hello everyone! Welcome to Part 4- hope you all enjoy as always feedback greatly appreciated. thanks for checking my post out! MbG
  3. Hey everyone! Long time no uploads here but I am keen to be back in 2019 with a lot more TLD content and hope you all enjoy it too as always keen to get any feedback so let me know what you would do differently though this is the story mode so lets enjoy it great update. Many thanks if you watched see you at the next one! MbG
  4. Hello everyone! Check out my latest episode of the long dark story mode hope you all enjoy
  5. Newest episode 2 Part 7 that I released if you got some time let me know what you think ! Thank you for watching.
  6. Hope you all enjoy part 6 of my episode 2 of Story mode
  7. I cant wait to finish the story mode finally. I will have a lot of fun with this I am just afraid of the bear man I always been! LOL
  8. Hello everyone is been a while but were back with a vengeance ! Hope you all enjoy the lets play. Part 13 is here of our lets play the long dark voyager mode lets explore the world.
  9. Hello everyone! We come to an end of the Episode 1. We encountered an interesting character who might help us survive in this desolute world. I am looking forward to see what else is being brought into the explanation of the events that have caused the world to be the way it is. Many thanks for watching my videos and for your support. Kind regards, MonkeyboyGamer
  10. Hello everyone! Hope you enjoy part 10 of my 1st episode experience of The Long Dark I am so happy and equally scared what is to come. I have played through Episode 2 and Its a lot more that is out there too come and some parts I am honestly terrified .. bears ahem.. lol but will see how we get one any feedback appreciated. Thank you all for watching!