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  1. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But it's still strange that they gived GTX 550 in recommended and i have fps drops ( or even you ) i know my GPU is not that powerful to run AAA games on Ultra 60FPS ( for example, GTX 1060 6G, the most popular GPU for gaming ) but it should be able to run AAA games at high or medium at 60FPS 1080p. Yep, i'm playing on 1080p. Well, if your i7-3770 doesn't have problems with this game when my i5-4440 also shouldn't have some problems, maybe it would be worser than yours but probably not much. I actually seen those drops thanks to Afterburner, so yeah. When i'm playing this game i have mostly 6GB RAM showing up, so i don't think it's RAM. GPU... well, it would be really weird if it would be it, because my 1050 Ti should run The Long Dark without problems. As i said, i have Ultra and even gauges maxed out, when i dropped Trees Drawing Distance i had stable 60FPS. But i had still in mind one thing... did they putted here recommended specifications for only Ultra without gauges? I'm wondering... Btw, this situation is really strange because, altought i know my PC is not an monster, it's still nice, and it should run this game without problems... well, but i'll check again what's usages look like just to be sure. PS. i chosed this PC because i don't wanted to spend that much money, i have in plans also buying Nintendo Switch so yeah, i couldn't just buy even better PC, i also don't need Ultra on every game so that's why i got my GTX 1050 Ti, because it's a pretty good GPU for an nice price. So, it looked like a good choice for me.
  2. Well, for now i found the topic here 'Is the ASRock Z87 Pro4 good at overclocking?' The topic creator wrote this:'I'm building a gaming PC with the i5 4570k and I'd like to try overclock it to around 4.5 GHz! I'll be using Hyper 212 EVO! Will the ASRock Z87 pro4 be able to do this? It says it has a 6 power phase design which I believe should be good! Also if anyone knows a better motherboard for around £100, I'd really appreciate you telling me! Thanks!' I found reply:'yes u should be good with a pro-4 your cooler would not be able to do any higher if you do not have a good enough cabinet have fun regards' So... it looks like it's a good motherboard. If they say it's good to overclock i5-4570K to 4.5GHz on that motherboard... i wonder that it's the problem... Man, i'm really confused.
  3. Well, i had an MSI motherboard but it became broken because of golden... things on PC case... I have now ASRock PRO4 Z87, is it really bad? I thought it's not maybe perfect Motherboard... but i thought it's actually nice. Is it that main problem behind this?
  4. I writted that earlier. I once dropped the trees drawing distance to the prepared Ultra ( you know, to that stage where normal Ultra haves ) i had stable 60FPS... But i thought there's also another problem because some people with similiar specs had better FPS than me... So, it's just a perfomance issue in Unity?
  5. Nope, i get to an forest and there were many trees plus strong wind, i had something like 50FPS ( With Maximized Settings, i mean everything on Ultra even those gauges ) i turned off SSAO but i've got only like 3FPS more What's the issue? My PC should run this game without any problems.
  6. Really, SSAO doesn't do anything with visual difference? If i'm not wrong SSAO makes shaders in some places that have small space... Well, i'll check this. PS. Sorry for late reply, no one was replying so i thought it'll be one of those 'forgotten topics'
  7. Hi, well, it was really long time since i posted my last Topic here. I finally decided to change e-mail and password, i did it and well, i'm finally here yet again. You see, i have finally my Gaming PC and i'm really happy with it. But in The Long Dark i have some strange FPS Drops... i mean, inside everything is okay, i have this problem mainly during day-time when i'm outside. I have stable 60FPS but i saw that they like to drop even to 40FPS outside during day. I have everything maxed out, even those gauges. If i'm not wrong the problem is with Trees, when i dropped their drawing distance a lot ( to the stage of prepared Ultra ) the FPS seemed to be stable 60. But still i have a feelings like maybe something is wrong with my PC. Can anyone help me? By the way, thanks for replies! My Specifications: CPU: Intel Core i5-4440 3.1GHz GPU: MSI GTX 1050 Ti 4GT OC RAM: 4x2GB ( 8GB ) DDR3 1333MHz Power Supply: Chieftec 500W ( it has something like over 10 years ) Hard Drives: Some old SATA3 ones ( lol, really, i don't know much about them, 2 of them are Seagate and one of them is WD. 2 of them have something like 320GB, and another one only 160. They also have like over 10 years. ) PS. I'm really wondering because my GPU should have no problem at running this game. I see in recommended GTX 555, so it should run without problem. My CPU maybe is not the best, but it's also not bad, so i think it should also run this game on max. Or maybe is it my CPU or even GPU? I don't know, i'm just confused with that problem... i'll just say my GPU has around 60 degrees when outside with many trees. On games like TF2 on max i have only 40 degrees... Please help! I have knowledge in PCs but this problem... i just can't get this one!
  8. Misuke


    Yeah,this game has its perfomance not bad but even if its not bad my computer just have around 10 fps when im playing game (my computer is just shitty,sorry about this how im writting this :/)and if the game had perfomance better ive been happy Thats really nice to hear that game will have better perfomance (i know that it will dont increase perfomance very a lot but even if it will be little better i will still be happy ) And well,no im not playing game on Minimal graphics settings but they are very low every graphic setting is on minimal except of fullscreen and resolution.I have fullscreen on and resolution at 800x600 i know that i could set resolution lower but at lower its really ugly (only cause of resolution,not game.game graphics for me are okay)Ah and of course,inside the houses fps are increases,and at night in building its around 40 fps (i think,but in my opinion its 30-40fps so yeah my computer is really bad):)
  9. Misuke


    Hello,this is only question as you saw probably in title,i just want to know,did when the full version of game will be released,did perfomance of game will be better than now?I just wanna know yes or no,but why i writted this here?Well,cause i have wodden pc (i mean pc that its perfomance is really pathetic)and by that i have the long dark on very low graphics settings.But even if the graphics makes blooding my eyes cause of low resolution i still enjoy playing this game,okay i just wanna know from hinterland studion did perfomance will be better or not thats all,if not okay i just wanna know.;)
  10. Well,its a nice idea running when its cold and getting by that some little bit of heat,im with it
  11. I know Too realistic will make game boring but i just saw this and i thinked that could be changed but i dont wanna everything unrealistic should be changed i writted here in real i think in bag could fit just rifle and hatchet +some clothes and some bandages but it were just boring PS.One day at night i were tired and i got idea that i thinked its good but then i saw this when i haved energy i cant believed i thinked its good >_< Okay thats all what i have to say about this what you writted.
  12. I thinked about this too...how bear will break if it was in other (level or how talk this)so if it will break doors it will be black hole at place of doors?or just enter in?Well this is good idea and is so course but in making is problem.
  13. My idea in space of water is that we can increase water space that we can carry is taking those water in bottle for example (we are taking water in bottle with 0.50L.when we take this we can carry 0.50L water more.I think its not good idea but its everything i have in my head
  14. I probably writted something wrong in title but this is so UNREALISTIC. So we are starting with some water ok but...we can have just 10L and even more of water O_o We have that big bottle that we can carry that much water or what? This is little strange that now i saw this not earlier but back to the topic this is unrealistic how we can have 10L or more we must have few of those pots and they are big so they dont fit on bag (well we can have rifle,hatchet,many clothes and many other items that in real dont fit on bag but screw this)what you think about this?Its Unrealistic and it will be better if this will be changed.
  15. Again good idea!;)It can make game more realistic and more funny...but how we will can run from bears if they will detect us?:/hmm...