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  1. Yes but if I was recovering from an injury shouldnt the game tell me that I'm still recovering from injury. Just like it does for say hypothermia?
  2. Haha I agree. Once you acquire a knife you can basically going around killing wolves for food which is one of my strategies right now. As long as you have enough medical supplies you can kill as many wolves as you want. I was thinking maybe the update made it harder to do that. It just doesn't seem like that's what they meant to do because once I healed myself there was no status in the medical window telling me that I was still recovering. I def agree with you though.
  3. I've been playing the long dark for the last couple of weeks. Love the game. But I just went on to play it tonight and I've never had this problem before. Damn near died and lost everything I've been working on for the last couple of days. All of my indicator bars were in the white except for my hunger bar, it was very low and my condition was at 47%. I was then attacked by a wolf and it went all the way down to 1%. I fixed myself up with a wound dressing, ate and drank water so that all the indicator bars were in the white. But my condition stayed at 1%. I slept for 2 hours and my condition went to 5% and all my health indicators are still full but I am still woozy and have blurry vision. Is there supposed to be a slow condition recovery from a wolf attack after the update or is this a bug? Again all my health indicator bars are full and in the white, I am healed but my condition is at 5%.