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  1. Update. I got my Toshiba back from warranty repair (yupii). The board was replaced. TLD working wonderfull.
  2. Looks like gpu heat stroke. Too much tld play (eh,eh). Tried a bunch of gpu testers/benchmark and all crashed. Getting back to my older laptop.
  3. Update. It might not be tld's fault. I cannot run any game on my laptop (dam). Dam Windows 10 automatic updates!!! Thanks.
  4. Hello there. I've been playing this game more than 2 years and love it. When i start the game a dialog box apears (attached screenshot). If i start the game in dx9 mode (-force-d3d9) Windows 10 gives me a message "Access to the graphics hardware was blocked". Then i start the game without (-force-d3d9) crashes the game. All this happens after i install Windows 10 fresh with all the updates. Hope this helps. output_log.txt error.log crash.dmp
  5. jansh


    Hello there. Only found directory called "save001" with 3 files. Hope this helps. boot global scenes.zip
  6. jansh


    Hello there. I've been playing for 196 days (in game). To pass time i've collected alott of sticks (+-4000). I was selecting some cooked fish from the floor when the game crashed. Hope this atachement helps. output_log.txt
  7. jansh


    Alright. I have to be carefull. Thanks.
  8. jansh


    Hello there. I did not know i have to save the jornal. I was in the tiimberwolf house with all the fur clothes, with 65% condition, full water and food, and went to sleep 8 hours and died. If i nedded to save the jornal to later review my sandbox run then its my fault, sorry and never mind. Thank you very much for the quick response.
  9. jansh


    Hello there. This is my first post in here. Been playing tld more than a year and absolute love this game. Today i was in timberwolf, 98 days, no hunger or thirst and went to bed and im dead! I go to ser in my last sandbox to see my cause of death and it doenst exist. 4 months ago hapened something similar. I exited the game and the saved sandboxes disapeared. Sorry for the rant but i am giving up and going to play the finished game (not alpha). Good hunting to all.