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  1. Well it depends on how well the idea melds with the rest of the game. As Jolan said above, you can certainly add more meat to it and give it a major caloric boost. Whether or not the game can accomodate that kind of mechanic, I don't know. In it's simplest form- bones, perhaps a few scraps of meat and some herbs- I would see it as more of a natural, warming drink. Also, given the amount of time it takes to cook (2-3 days) and the amount of wood needed to keep it fuelled, it would make sense to reap some kind of reward from drinking it. A minor medicinal benefit, perhaps. Nothing so crazy as to disturb the game's immersion, but enough that it would be worth picking a few carcasses when you've the opportunity. To continue this long-winded post, the option to collect bones could appear in the harvesting menu, alongside the hide, meat and gut. But that's completely up to the devs, obviously
  2. Good point- it would be good if we were able to add a bit of meat, or even just organ meats and scraps to fill out the calories. I'd like to see it as a warming drink, too. Even if it would be too difficult to add different components to the recipe, I'd settle for just collecting bones and chucking them in a pot
  3. I've read before that people were unhappy with having to skin and butcher rabbit carcasses out in the cold, rather than just slinging it into the pack and doing it at home. IMO it better fits the survivalist image to take the easy route where that's concerned, rather than harvesting a tiny carcass outdoors while you slowly die. The same could be implemented for larger game- deer and wolves and even bears- where you could messily cut up a kill into chunks large enough to carry. Obviously if it's a small enough wolf or deer you could throw it over your shoulder and hump back to your base. When selecting the option to cut up a kill it could auto-fill your remaining carry capacity, forcing you to make a beeline straight for home. Anyway, that's just my thoughts. Feel free to shoot them down or add to them. If this is a common suggestion I apologise, as I didn't find anything in the search
  4. G'day guys, Short but sweet: I'm an avid outdoorsman/fisherman (note that I didn't say I was good at it )/hiker/anything else that will give me a sunburn. I've had TLD for quite some time now and have been very impressed with the developers and their responses to the community. Seem like a good buncha blokes. Anyway, I love the community and the support they have for the studio, and the game has remained one of my favorites from its inception. My only complaint is that there aren't any coffee mugs or baseball caps available for purchase!
  5. Hi everyone, new to the forums here. I'm a bit of a bone broth enthusiast IRL, and it struck me that it could meld well with TLD's survival and scavenging mechanic. Many times I've come across corpses with no meat or hide on them, but it would be neat to be able to collect the bones, cook them for two or three days (firewood supplies permitting) and come out the other end with some hot broth that can provide minor healing benefits. If the devs go through with the mental/emotional health mechanic, a hot cup of broth could provide some much-needed respite from the long dark outside. Broth doesn't tend to have many calories though, so it wouldn't be a food substitute per se. I haven't fully fleshed out the idea, but the potential is there