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  1. More of the same with another random crash. This time I switched off Steam overlay and had some extended playtime around the Dam area. Same bs in the end Tbh, this is getting to be real annoying on a number of levels. It's pretty clear that nobody knows what's causing it or how to fix it. The worst part is, because of that, the bug won't be located and will remain within the source code and continue to behave in the same way in later versions. So i'm more or less screwed. I think this will be the last time I purchase anything early access from now on. output_log.txt
  2. Changed it and it didn't work, same results a first post
  3. Back to the original crashes, i've noticed a pattern. I accessed Windows Event viewer and it is telling me that at each moment the game crashed, there's a conflict with tld.exe and Desktop Window Manager (dwm.exe.) at the exact time CTD happens. TLD is disabling it, then dwm tries to start back up again and then a conflict occurs so it kicks back to the desktop. Could be a video card setting issue Bill, do you mind my asking what your video card settings are in Nvidia control panel for comparison? Mine is: Ambient Occlusion - Off Anisotropic Filtering - 16x Antialiasing FXAA - Off AA Gamma Cor
  4. C'mon Bill, had you read my 1st post you'd know that: 1) I did already, stated in 1st post. I've also completely reinstalled it. 2) They are already updated as stated in 1st post... 3) Yes, I read the "BEFORE YOU POST A BUG" thread and did that. As stated in the 1st post, i've tried ALL available workarounds... Knowing you have the same specs and it's running fine is frustrating. My next thought was "Is Hinterland receiving analytics of the games usage from users?" If that was the case it may be conflicting with the firewall, causing the crashes. I have Comodo Firewall (just the stand alone,
  5. Here's another session. Loaded up the game, went into a random sandbox and this time decided to do nothing at all. No key presses, nothing. Just waited to see what would happen. Exact same results as the Dx11. output_log.txt
  6. I'm experiencing game crashes in both dx11 and 9. In dx11, I can get 5-10mins of game time before I get a CTD. The game still "runs", I can push keys and hear the sound FX that correspond with the commands pushed but the screen doesn't show anything, it's completely transparent to the desktop and the icon of the program running is still in the taskbar (task manager also shows the game still running with no 'not responding' error message). If I press alt-enter, the games window frame is empty with the desktop seen through it. During gameplay prior to any crash, the game runs very smoothly wit