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    I like the idea of having/finding dogs in the long dark, but it might be difficult to keep a balance between lonelyness and game difficulty and usefullness of the dog. Maybe they should just be like wolves, irritated and hungry, and attack the player? But if one should be able to tame them, then he should not be able to listen to many commands, but i also would like the thought of having a help for carrying items, especially because my character really doesnt seem to be able to get muscles by carrying things. If i would walk everyday with 30-40kg, after a vew weeks i could also carry them much easyier than my character, i think... (hope you can understand my broken english)
  2. Hey, sorry if u use a wrong subforum or write an already known problem, i couldnt find it existing yet. At first, i want to make a note, that my savegame got a freeze and i got the "doesnt work"- windows message, then the game shot down. It never did this before but now it froze 2 times in two (real time) days at exactly the same point of the map. Both times i came from another direction. Another little bug came when i wanted to enter my snow shelter: He didnt really go inside, instead of it he stood outside but couldnt use any items or open the main menue. (sorry for possible english mistakes) Edit: Another snow shelter bug: I wanted to repair it with a stick and suddenly came into a loop where repairing sound, time and fatigue went on but i coulnt interrupt it or press any buttons. Had to shut it down again...