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  1. I mean, the team can just refuse to add anymore weapons after the revolver, I agree with you about the adding a whole bunch of weapons thing, we don't want to become like stranded deep, if anyone still plays that.
  2. Okay, I am not saying this feature should come in the story mode patch or this summer, but if they were to add seasons, farming would be a great idea. Something that would also need to be added with farming is preservatives (ie salt and waterbath canning) so you can have your food for the rest of the year before you get to harvest again. I know that it would seem very implausible, especially since we only have 1 season, winter, but, it would be a thing it think about after early access is done. It could also stop people lasting on only wolf meat for 3000 days, since wolf meat does not have enough vitamins and other essentials humans need to survive.
  3. I am having this weird graphical glitch on my new PC which causes rocks to be just: http://imgur.com/uD8ftNE I am also having trees being transparent and spawning in random places.
  4. Today I got a new pc and I am getting weird graphical glitches. Some trees are transparent and some rocks and pixelated. I reinstalled and verified cashe but it still does not help!
  5. I was told by Bethany to post this on this forum from Reddit. I have verified cashe, but I still have no outdoor sounds for weather just on desolation Point. I can't hear any weather sounds so it sounds extremely weird because all the other sounds are amplified from there being no weather sounds. But in places like the lighthouse, I can still hear weather sounds in the interiors but not the outdoors.