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  1. Hey thanks for the reply! I checked into that as well. So that, along with updating my driver for the graphics card seemed to fix the issue. I haven't experienced these issues before when it has been "out of date", which is extremely rare. But in any case, maybe just a note to all the players to keep it up to date, especially with AMD. Not sure if Nvidia owners experience the same difficulty.
  2. I submitted a post on reddit as well, linked here. My primary concern is that my game is consistently crashing. Now this has only happened since the most recent update. I have my specs listed here: I am currently running an intel core i7-3770 cpu 3.4 ghz 12 gigs of ram 64 bit operating system directx 12 amd radeon 7700 The game primarily crashes when i am sifting through my items, or when I approach the work bench and shuffle through the pages to start crafting. If I go too fast, it seems to bug out. Also, the game crashes when warming up/opening canned food. Since you can select the option on the lower right while it is heating up or opening. I think the commands bug the game and cause it to crash. I did get some feedback on my reddit post about updating drivers for my AMD card. I will do that soon, and will run the game to see if that has any effect. I am not on my PC at the moment so I will update this post once I have done that. Any feedback, or if you have also experienced this please share. I hope this does not ruin my save file either!