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  1. to create an own Survival Sandbox Game with the options I really want! Im in this forum a while ago and played TLD hundreds of hours in the Sandbox mode. Like my Name is, i am not having fun in killing wolves. I like to wander around, gather things, make a living home. So I played in pilgrim mode quite a long time and when you could get sick in normal mode, experienced harsh weather conditions - in pilgrim mode this was not possible. I played the other modes too and enjoyed the difficulties, but it never felt familiar for me to kill wolves. I remember started a topic here and asked y
  2. The first game I stepped right into the wolf, got eaten. The second time I knew he was there and I stepped into the barn, saw the wolf, went outside (the wolf didnt follow me) into the car, got the key, into the house, got another key and slept because I was tired. After this I stepped outside and the barn was empty, I could loot the body and no wolf was around. So it seems that the wolf is not scripted at least not the whole time.
  3. I really was looking forward to this game and I understand that the expectations for years cannot fulfilled. But the greymothers quest was quite annoying and now I am sitting in front of Jeremiah and have all the wonderful quests to do which you already succeed. The gamefeeling for me is very linear. Like the beginning. When I quit the game and start all over again, I have to do this little tutorial over and over again. I was surprised that I wasnt allowed to gather the berries (dont know the right word for now). That was...really strange. And a few "days" later Macenzie was allowed
  4. For me its a huge failure when the talking ends and now I have to read everything. Every time its happen, I am "waking" up from the gamefeeling. Its just wrong. You mixed two different settings and thats strange. Either have every sentence as audio or none. Now its a mix of these two different types and every time one changes into the other type, I am distracted. Because I loved, how you recorded the audio - the charakters are feeling real, their voices are perfekt and the speakers did an amazing job. It would be perfect, if the other sentences get an audio too.
  5. Yes lets hope that they do that - then you have a benefit when you fought a wolf, killed and harvested it and it needs time to get one wolf back.
  6. Thats what I meant - in Sandbox I can survive even in stalkermode - kill a wolf and you have meat and a few days before he comes back. But in the storymode it seems, that there are endless wolfes - it doesnt matter if I kill a few, they are spawning right away after one is dead. I like your tips but is this a crouching game? I will never made it to the city and to Episode 1 if I have to crouch all the way. As I wrote before, I dont mind wolfes, but their behaviour and the game mechanics are not, what I got used in sandbox mode. I ve found a trainer which gave me the chance to play the sto
  7. Funny thing - in my last game there were three wolves in the town. In the middle - directly near the old Ladys House. I tried to become one of them in their herd...but they only wanted to eat me
  8. Yes it would be great, if there is an option for maybe two types of difficulty Easy - 1-2 wolves Normal - 4-5 wolves Spoiler is in here: I know that there is a little chance that they change the game after they released the storymode and work on the other parts, but this game is for me actually not playable. So there is only a solution for me to wait if the game changes or to wait for a trainer who works for the story mode. And I am not a big fan of such mechanics, but this game for now and the storymode is more a horrorgame than a survivalgame. Again, I dont mind wol
  9. For me, it looks a bit unbalanced this situation. The wolves are literally everywhere. And yes i tried to avoid them by going not over the bridge, I tried to sneak around but when I get up, Fluffy was right in front of me and waited to end my life (again). Ive been playing TDL mostly in Pilgrim Mode and understand that the story Mode need the survivalaspect but common wolves are everywhere and I dont know how I will ever end Episode 1 when I run from building to building and have to use the flares to get the wolves scared and run away. I dont think a player with less knowledge will get th
  10. Nachdem ich nun ein neues System habe und auf hohen Grafikeinstellungen spiele, muss ich gestehen, dass es sich nicht verbessert hat. Im Gegenteil, das Bett leuchtet noch immer unangenehm und ich habe bemerkt, dass viele Texturen irgendwie nachgeschärft aussehen, was sie pixelig wirken lässt. Auf Wintermute habe ich mich so sehr gefreut und nun kann ich es nicht spielen, aber das ist ein anderes Thema und gehört ins englische Forum. Hier liest ja niemand von den Devs mit. Was ich nach wie vor aber nicht begreifen kann ist, wie man etwas grafisch schlechter und schlechter gestaltet...
  11. Moin ihrs! Vorneweg, ich spiele the Long Dark schon seit Beginn und habe viele Stunden Zeit darin verbracht. Ich liebe dieses Spiel und bin sicher, dass es erfolgreich sich auf dem Markt behaupten kann. Mir gefällt eben der Survivalaspekt, mal ohne Horden von Zombies und Monstern. Meistens spiele ich im Pilgermodus, weil ich die Ruhe schätze und eher jemand bin, der gerne sammelt (also alles innerhalb der Karten zu dem gewählten Standort bringen, dauert auch seine Zeit). Nun habe ich an der Küstenstraße ein Haus betreten und war ... schon etwas entsetzt von der jetzigen Grafik.
  12. I give it a plus also! Like the Idea of realistic mode
  13. Hi Raphael Thank you for your comment! I am not happy about your answer and I still have hope that you will change the modus in the future. Or give the chance of modders who can add some things. We will see. I am a big fan of this game and play it since the beginning. I am sure that you will make it great in the end! Greetings from Germany Kris
  14. I agree with you. I like harsh weather, but I dont want to fight wolves. I think the fact, that animals are not attacking in pilgrim unless you disturb them is the biggest + you can get. There is no need for friendly weather or cutting of diseases.