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  1. Thanks. I re-installed per your advice. About 20 minutes in, the wheel returned and hasn't left yet. So, I guess I'll just wait until the fix is in place before exploring too much further on this character.
  2. Can you do this in Xbox One? I was wanting to start a new character just in case my current one's save is damaged (getting that spinning wheel). If I start a new character, will I then be given a choice of games to load next time?
  3. Update -- I've played two games since my save vanishing. One game, where I was at the dam, I died. Then I started a new one, and was doing well, (this one had the spinning wheel a lot), and saved at Mystery Lake's office. I quit the game last night. Then I went to play tonight. The Mystery Lake game is not there. But, the one where I died, IS. And the character is still alive! Yes, the Xbox One saves are ALL wonky. Would uninstalling and re-installing do anything if I have the most recent version?
  4. Thank you. And thank you for making such an addictive game! Like I said, I hate that my first post was reporting a bug. I'm sure that there's a LOT of hard work going into this game and that coding is a very delicate thing with lots of unintended things that can go awry with any update. Thank you all for the time you put into the game, and its updates.
  5. I didn't buy the game until Friday, so it is the latest version. That white save wheel is there a LOT, though. In the game I lost, it was there the whole time shortly after the beginning. Now it is there off and on, but when on, it's almost constant.
  6. Hi, I hate that my first post is a complaint. I just started playing the game this week, and absolutely LOVE it. So much I was telling everyone I know to go get it. But then I lost everything because of a game save vanishing. I played earlier, was doing quite well (after several bad starts), and ended my session outside a cabin in Mystery Lake. Anyway, I went back to play tonight and all my work was for nought. There is no save, and I'm forced to start all over. As much as I love this game and WANT to explore, I seriously don't want to dump another 10-20 (or more!) hours in just to have it al