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  1. I would like wolves to be much more dangerous in groups but less so alone - enough that one should be able to intimidate "most" wolves simply by yelling and runnning at his direction. But they should prowl much more in groups, such that the player won't be able turn and face them, and upon a flank attack, the other wolves will participate. Its odd how their chosen method of attack seems to be the direct charge, but wolves usually attack much more strategically.
  2. While I don't like the idea of just giving it to the player, I like the idea that it should be a long-lasting buff that happens if you can keep your condition at or above 80% for more than 72 hours. Its good to have the idea that your character can have a "fresh wind" after hibernating for awhile, and allow challenges to be increased at areas which can be best tackled with a buffed character and permit a real midgame.