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  1. Maybe a future Feat or Badge or just an Achievement for suffering a broken bone (or other long-term, more serious affliction) and surviving.
  2. +1 for new/refined mechanics on sleep. I would imagine that effects of exhaustion on "oversleep" would be more pronounced when trying to rest for shorter periods. If selecting 1 hour of rest at 100% exhaustion the player might oversleep by anywhere from 1-4 hours, but if selecting 10 hours of rest there may be little effect. However, exhaustion might also affect how easily a player's rest is interrupted. If a fire goes out on a "light sleeper" it may wake them up more or less immediately. But if the fire goes out on an exhausted player, it may take longer to wake up in response to t
  3. +1 to this. And I'd add that the narrative quality would capture the sense that the world will continue to go on regardless of our character being alive or dead. That nature is indifferent to our survival...
  4. I like the idea of an audio response from the character to objects in the environment, such as corpses or caves, or even wildlife. Please find a way to add!!
  5. +1 ballcap. Pure white w/ red Hinterland fox And if we're doing patches, bumper stickers etc, there really ought to be a whole line of Fluffy items...
  6. I wonder if the range/accuracy of the rifle was intentionally down-tuned in gameplay by the devs, so that hunting becomes a more difficult and dangerous enterprise. If you could take down a wolf or bear from across the lake, WAY outside their detection range, there's not much need for stealth. Currently you can also get really close to an animal before it detects you, if you do it right. If the range/accuracy of the rifle were to increase to a more realistic level then animal movement, detection and response behavior, population density, etc would need to change to balance. It wouldn't be "re
  7. Totally appreciate where this is coming from 117 (Halo reference influencing your weapon set desires?) although I think these additions would be unnecessary and shift the focus of the game too far towards combat. Its inefficient to hunt rabbits with the rifle, but that's what snares are for. I would be interested in finding a scoped hunting rifle though... Adding a craftable hat or scarf would be great too, someone suggested a bearskin hat which I liked (although what would happen to the rest of the pelt?)
  8. Love the idea of having to cut through something to access an area, even if its just an old metal shelf or two to get rid of with the hacksaw.
  9. I actually like the idea of getting a cut requiring medical attention if you walk directly through a large spiky bush. I've also considered having an increased risk of spraining an ankle if you walk directly over a fallen log, etc. The "repair this bridge" idea sounds better for story mode, although an interesting mid-late game project...
  10. I would +1 the light and sound effect of a dying light source at 1% or 2%. I would -1 the HUD indicator for low fuel. No need for redundancy, and light/sound is more immersive. I would also -1 keeping the fuel indicator on the HUD. If you want to check how much fuel is left, that is an active process IRL so should be an active process in game as well.
  11. 2 suggestions to loading saved game files (I play on Xbox): 1) would be great to have a Delete Saved Game option 2) please list difficulty setting on the save file along w/ region, location, survival time, etc.
  12. Story mode will add some of the long-term changes to the environment I expect, such as important or reliable structures burning down, or roads collapsing, etc. There are a few other threads suggesting things like this for sandbox though, and I like the idea since it would add texture to the mid- and long-game where I'm otherwise just going through the motions of hunting, harvesting, and repairing in a well-established base location.
  13. I wonder if it would be more intuitive to need a fire to be at a certain temperature / heat output level before adding coal, rather than requiring a certain amount of time to pass. This would still allow for the gameplay limitation whereby players couldn't effectively use coal (which adds 20 C of heat to the fire) to warm themselves up during a blizzard, since the fire must already be established and hot before coal can be added...