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  1. Part of me says "no no!" but the part that makes me torture myself with this game says "bring it on!". With enough birch saplings I'd at least have a chance. Similarly, Interloper is so full of stress I shy away from it but am masochistically drawn to it too. This game is one big philosophical dilemma. I don't know what I want...
  2. This is on stalker. I have been logging bear kills and have seen the 20 day respawn time. It never varies. Excursions are planned by what day and where a bear will respawn. Once I figured this out I've never been surprised, move about safely in their territory, and am never hungry because one bear feast lasts about 20 days. All other food sources are just supplementary. I suggest a random number of days between, say, 15 and 45 days. I go with 45 because the meat from one doesn't last that long and alternate foods will need to be considered. Wolves seem about the same (20 days), although it's harder to tell when I can't tell them apart. I killed six around the Quonset gas station and only saw one other during the 20 days after. On day 20 four arrived. I suggest a random span of respawn time for them also.
  3. I appreciate the clarification. This is good to know. I've been off the forum for a year or so and came back to the game much less informed about the latest tips and tricks. Just to stay true to the "woe is me" title, I've tried to remain ignorant of exploits and being here one time briefly to report a bug and mention the bookworm (this thread), I learned the crouch when overburdened exploit. Ignorance is hard to maintain. I don't know how some people do it.
  4. Just a heads up - don't get too good at the skills until you've gone through the world gathering books - if you want the bookworm badge. Once you hit level 5 (4 in some cases) the books won't allow study because your skills are beyond what they have to teach. This makes sense, but in my current game I hit level 5 on harvesting and cooking before ever leaving Timberwolf Mountain. My strategy was to stay 100 days in each area before moving on. The next stop, Pleasant Valley, had books on - you guessed it - harvesting and cooking. By the time I left Pleasant Valley everything was at level 4 or 5 and all study books were just tinder. Unknowingly, the 100 day stay strategy I had set, with my eyes on the ultimate 500 day badge, knocked me out of the running for the bookworm badge.
  5. I started a new sandbox on Stalker on or about January 6th with the goal of getting the badges. I cleared the stats at that time. Nonetheless, Fire Master was awarded at exactly 900 fires and Efficient Machine was awarded at exactly 400 days. The log book is attached, as are the gifted awards. (Separate issue to note is that the world is 99% explored without visiting Desolation Point)
  6. This was noticed in multiple houses in Coastal Highway. When standing in front of a fireplace indoors, if the reticle is anywhere on the stone chimney or mantle of a fireplace the mouse button to turn on or off an equipped lantern is disabled. Moving the reticle off the mantle or chimney re-enables the mouse button.
  7. Screenshots are saved on your desktop. I saw them too. They're at The Tooth, like you said.
  8. Whether this is a bug or not is debatable, but it is a lack of continuity. When manually placing items after dropping them from inventory only the deer hides will stack on top of each other. Guts will not, nor will rabbit or wolf hides and a host of other items. The items that don't stack have to be laid out side-by-side if they are moved from where they were dropped. They do stack when dropped, but not when placed manually. I haven't tried it with bear hide yet. If this were a suggestion, rather than a bug/incontinuity report, I'd request that flat items become stack-able.
  9. Guts, for one. If you drop them in a corner they'll dry then decay until you store them in a container. Also, I tend to keep deer hides sitting on the work bench, rather than taking up weight in a drawer. Deer hides stack when you move them around. The other hides can't overlap when you place them. You have to drop other hides on the floor to get them to stack. Those deer hides decay. All the hides decay until you store them in a container.
  10. I agree. Of all my worries in game one of the top concerns is what I'll do when my sharpening stones are gone. It feels like impending doom for the wrong reasons. Add my vote to the 1% club, but I could be easily convinced that 2% would be acceptable.
  11. I love the music in TLD and always enjoy the steel guitar when it comes around, but this new violin music really tears my heart out. I have never felt the loneliness, longing or desperation of the situation my player is in until the new violin music pointed it out. This will be key to connecting player's feelings to the story. In my opinion the musical pieces are too short, but they do play at appropriate times now.
  12. Now that everything decays unless it is kept in a container the container space is at a premium. I suggest we be able to craft containers from logs. We would need an axe to harvest the wood and split it, a hacksaw to cut the pieces straight, a toolbox to drill peg holes, and a knife to whittle pegs. They should each take a couple of days to make with low capacity because our wood is small pieces to start with. This was inspired by too many decaying guts on the floor at the hut on TWM. The fishing hut has more storage than the shack on the shore. Also, there just isn't much to do when you wake up fully rested with four hours left of darkness. A project to keep our hands and minds busy would be good.
  13. The fence does block the shot. I experimented with this and nothing goes through that fence. I consider the fence an unfinished item in the game. I don't know if there are any plans to make it more realistic.
  14. I've noticed similar changes. Rather than the same amount of loot that's harder to get to, there seems to be less loot and you don't know what kind of gauntlets you are going to have to go through to find it. Also storms. Blizzards seem more frequent in stalker. I have yet to see meat decay once it is cooked, if it is stored in a cabinet or refrigerator. I haven't dropped any cooked food on the ground to see if it decays yet.
  15. I can't wrap my mind around any reason hides and guts now decay. I've been carrying around a bear hide, in case I run into another bear. At this rate, by the time I get a second bear, and cure its hide, the first hide will be unusable. To stop hides from decaying you have to craft them into something and store them away. Does anyone know the purpose or realistic value in decaying hides (and guts)? Is leaving hides to cure in buildings and caves during your travels not considered a realistic and wise strategy, but rather an exploit?