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  1. Or have it show with the TAB menu, which should be intuitive but still hide it normally.
  2. I can replicate this by Windows-Tabbing out of the game during a storm: suddenly it's all peaceful save for the creaking of the trees. Do it again and the sound comes back. Kinda cool actually, it's like you go into a zen-like trance during the toughest conditions.
  3. So what does it mean when the temperature is -29C and white? That my clothing and warm drink are still protecting me?
  4. I often see the temperature display in red rather than white, and I've been unable to suss its meaning. I see the same negative temperatures show up in white sometimes and red other times. This happens even with zero windchill, which is what I thought it was at first. So what does it mean when the temperature number goes red? Playing v.393 in Interloper, temps displayed in Celcius.
  5. If you're saying you want to be able to freeze the game in its current build, Hinterland's not going to help you with that, but you can always back up your game folder and turn off Steam updates. I did this for the Halloween event so I can go back and play that if I want (obviously you only want to do so with saves from that version).
  6. My first character since Alpha .386 got hypothermia, then frostbite before she even found her first shelter. She's gone 90 days now with that permanent disability, a constant reminder of her dangerous environment. I think it's great if it usually works that way: the end result of not dealing with your primary conditions (freezing, then hypothermia). If it can truly come out of the blue as you describe, then I agree that more warnings in the form of audible complaints from your character would help. I think you already get an on-screen alert that you're "AT RISK FOR FROSTBITE" along with its accompanying warning status on the health tab.
  7. Shooting at a bear and missing will sometimes scare it off. Guess it may depend on her mood.
  8. Thanks, Patrick! I did have a couple wolf tussles in between there; perhaps wolves just like eating arrows now. Reloading an older save (from before the update) got my arrows back and I haven't lost them again.
  9. Confirmed. Lost all of my arrows (5 or 6) after this update. I'm also on Coastal Highway in case that's relevant.