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  1. They've already explained lots and lots of times that cannibalism will never be in the game. As for the cloth, I wouldn't mind seeing that implemented.
  2. So over been playing for the longest time now and have been an avid lover and player of the game. But now, I just noticed and had never really thought about it, but we never go to the bathroom... Is it just... Kind of like a "We don't need to express that to know it happens." Kinda thing? Sorry if this has come up before, but I can't read the entire back log of the forums. (I just don't have the patience)
  3. How are nipples inappropriate? They are nipples... I don't think they are anything to get your panties in s bunch about.
  4. Thinking about this. Maybe they should have a backpack you could find somewhere that actually looks like a hiking/camping backpack. The one where it's sewed to two bars that connect on top and had a space for the bedroll. It could increase space, and make it so things "feel" like they way less do you could carry more. This way, there would be a progression in the character to how much you can carry. I've also thought of a endurance skill (the longer your around, the stronger you get, especially at carrying around almost 60 lbs of stuff all the time, and at a minimum of 40 when you leave the house.) But that's for a different conversation. Like, you find one abandoned in the snow like the other backpacks from hikers, travelers, hunters, or campers that died.
  5. I can understand your frustration with these things. As the game is supposed to be a one life save and re-loading seems like life cheating. I agree with the map, if anything we should be able to make our own. Foxes and pheasants would be awesome. Fox hat and more feathers for arrows. Shotgun would be interesting. And maybe even a pistol for more defense than hunting.
  6. I can understand this. Maybe make the skill like starting a fire. For each successful shot on wildlife, you gain one point. If you miss, you don't. There would just be more weapon sway and maybe slower reloading. Not sure about the inner workings. But maybe the higher the skill, the slower it degrades and the easier it is to repair it.
  7. I love this, but also shows the same concern for the buildings collapsing. I like the idea for the buildings, especially AmericanSteel's. But there has to be a way to take time to clean off the roofs of maintain the building in some ways. And maybe even maintain buildings you don't go in very often since they have items you don't want destroyed. But after x amount of days, if you go to pleasant valley last, every single building could be destroyed! And there would be absolutely little to no reason to go there other than to look around and say "Man these trees sure are nice". But other than that, this idea is amazing. I play solely in Stalker mode and continually hate it for the sole reason that there are freaking wolves every where. It's nice in the fact that if I need food, one is most likely around the corner. More often than not, I end up killing a wolf due to defense and not from necessity while I don't have time and/or can't due to already being at my max weight capacity and/or blizzard. This mode would reduce that "I'm wasting valuable resources" feeling when killing something. Since most of the time it would be from necessity and not defense. This would also put more stress on being nomadic, since everything is so scarce, living in one place for long periods of time would be near impossible due to running out of food. Also encourages being nomadic, since most of everything you find isn't even enough to put you at max capacity, or maybe put you a little underneath depending on your luck of spawns in the game. I love love love this idea!
  8. I think the only thing this would be handy for, is if you drop down to somewhere there's a tiny itty bitty ledge and you can't get back up again except to re-load your game. True there are places I wish I could get to, on to of a large rock; in order to stay safe from a bear or wolf. But if I can jump, so can they. It's even been shown in my games that wolves can walk up sheer hills that had to walk around. (I thought I was safe, and was dead wrong... Hehe, get it? )
  9. I really like the idea of a smoking system for meat. I'm sure that in the game, it would be for more useful in the long run since eventually you WILL run out of every day cupboard food. I'm currently on day twenty, and I have massive amounts of venison and wolf but scared that I won't be able to eat it all before it goes bad. Since I've only had the wolf for three to four days and it's already at 80%. (Once cooked, the meat was at 97%) In about four or so days, over 17% of the meats condition had disappeared. Smoking meat, which I would presume would take at least one to half a day, would help preserve the meat you wish to save in case of a rainy day. Or in the case of TLD, blizzards, and you run out of food on the day you wanted to go hunting or check your traps, or even if you go outside and there's a bear hangin out on your front yard.
  10. Hello everyone, I know you are wondering why my name is aColonUlcer and I'll tell you now. It is my username for Steam and also my Gamertag for xBox. And now, my username for the Hinterland Forums! I've been playing and watching TLD for quite a while now, and also got my father, sister, best friend, and boyfriend into the game. The longest I've survived so far is 29 days or so (I didn't die on that game, just haven't played the Steam version since then. And only play on the xBone now). I've been more fond of Consoles since I was a little girl, and from my long hours of Minecraft and working on/at a computer, I have carpal tunnel. So having TLD on the console is a dream come true for me. I'm so excited to finally be on the Hinterland forums. And hope to be a recognized name, as I will be giving feedback often. (Mostly in wish list <3 ) I might make a few topics myself in other places but I'm not entirely sure yet. My favorite YouTuber is Accurize2 ! He's amazing and plays TLD like a boss. He is also one of the reasons why, I believe, that I can live as long as I do in this game. Thanks for dropping by! --Amelia (Millie) Foshaug. AKA aColonUlcer.
  11. The clipboards after an interesting thought. But I love the idea of a Swiss Army knife. Of course, I extremely doubt anyone would use a tiny knife to butcher an animal other than a rabbit (and that's even iffy). It could be used for the screw driver, and even used to open cans before you get a can opener. I'm not really sure what the knife would be used for. Other than maybe cutting clothing apart for cloth. So probably those two things would be nice, since if you don't have a knife or can opener you have to smash the can open and you lose calories. Oh! If glass bottles are introduced (which is doubtful,) it could also be used to open those. (like some cool Canadian fizzy drink.)
  12. In regards to the backwards compatibility for the xBone, they are currently in the process of working on a emulator for the xBone that is a free program that will be coming to the console via update. Of course it will take time but they have plans on making the entire 360 library bit by bit. (Of course it will be based on popularity and the xBox community feedback. ) This is also one more reason on top of TLD coming to xBone, that I prefer xBox to PS. I love you Hinterland!
  13. It took me less than a few seconds to notice that it was a bridge as soon as I saw it. I thought it was so awesome! " Those sneaky devils" I thought to myself. I never for once thought to 'hop' my way down, since the game mechanics try to teach you that falling even a small amount from anywhere could hurt you in a lot of ways and could even kill you if you can't heal yourself. Also a' small drop' can lead to never getting back up. Which means: Dying. I'm now at the coastal highway at 19 days and 14 hours give out take some minutes. Next time, be more aware of your surroundings and you should do fine.
  14. Also, I found out that the foraging bug for the wood is also for tinder. But so far we've only seen it inside and on Voyageur mode. On Stalker and Pilgrim I didn't have any problems with foraging for wood.