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  1. just simply think of a time when you go to sleep and it might work
  2. did you know thebody actually has a biological clock and yuo can kinda set a time to when you want to wake up its not very exact but it will work just not that easy like you might wake up after 30 minutes or so
  3. how about a makeshift one where you will need fir firewood for the base of of it and well whatever you need to make a bow, its kinda like putting a bow on a peice of wood sideways and also maybe sharpened sticks could be added to the game less damage but can cause like medium bleeding or minor bleeding.
  4. just getting this to the front dont respond to this reply
  5. no its not negative thats what i meant just stationary candles and stuff i didnt mean like you could carry it around everywhere but maybe there should be different candle types like those one that are like a cup full of wax the only thing you would need to replace is the wick because when the wax cools it will be in the same spot and if you wanted to carry a candle it would only be allowed indoors i know candles have like no wind resistance
  6. you know i once played one of those Zelda game some hourglass thing but there was a map for everywhere and the best part was you could actually draw on the map yourself i would use my pen/stylus and just write stuff down on the map so i guess that would be useful an plus the locations didn't have names so you could fill them in yourself P.S. i was playing it on my DS I .
  7. well that works too why not cloth and reclaimed wood it is
  9. sorry for all the other added stuff....
  10. I would like it if we could stack some foods and tools on top of each other like cans, sodas, herbal tea boxes, MRE, venison, clothes, furs, cloth, books, cracker boxes, maybe beef jerky, techically anything that has a flat or almost flat bottom should be stacked like, tool boxes,axes definetly not. also it would be nice if we could make our own furniture like a makeshift workbench because most places don't have workbenches or maybe instead we could convert a normal table in to a makeshift workbench with some scrap metal and maybe hinterland could add like random rocks spawning all over that map and if we collect enough, like 15, then we could convert a normal stove into a furnace/ smelter like my idea is we should be able to take normal things in a house and upgrade them, but one thing i'm not sure about, can a geomagnetic storm actually affect electronics in the middle of a mountain, also i was thinking we should be able to parts like copper wire and parts for a generator and then we could upgrade a stove or furnace to use heat to produce electricity unless the geomagnetic storm is ongoing also the parts would only be found in the mines and when i was talking about the parts i didnt get to say they would only be found in the mines, except for copper wire i saw a fuse-box that wasn't there before in the camp office, maybe we could harvest them for scrap metal and copper wire, also i was reading Jules Verne and it said that the doctor got 2 pieces of coal and wrapped copper wire around them and a light attached at the other end and the light actually.... light up believe it or not plus I have seen DIY batteries that used coal to light up light so maybe when there isn't a blizzard we could use that as a light and hang it on the ceiling
  11. wait i forgot we should also be able to switch modes for example you have gathered every single supply possible and you want to see how long you can survive so you switch from pilgrim to voyager mode...... that's all i have to say
  12. i would love it if there was a role play mode where its like creative mode and you could spawn all the stuff in and go in stalker mode or something and see how long you could survive, sooo like unlimited bullets, guns, food, etc. i mean it just for fun because i'm comeplety horror intolerant i just freak out when i even see a wolf, and ive nevern been attacked by one before so i always go in pilgrim mode and just gather lots of supplies and i roleplay, it would be cool because you could have lots of food and go to the shop at coastal highway and pretend you have opened up shop or something. i know people are gonna say TLD is a survival game,or too many other survival games always have creative mode or someone else will say, "MLG Y TIS GAM FR SURVIVE NT CREATE.,or all that other [spoil]crap[/spoil] . but still i hope hinterland can find sometime to make an in-game creative list so we can pick out stuff, also to make it fair we should be able to only have 1-2 worlds in creative, also there should be 3 types of creative pilgrim creative, voyager creative, and stalker creative. don worry i already know what your responses will be so don't bother unless you have something positive to say...
  13. also pine trees because pine trees are evergreens, plus their branches are flexible and usually stay that way...perfect for a bow