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  1. I just forced the game to run in dx 9 mode. The problem seems gone.
  2. I have had frequent crashes, the game makes noises but the screen freezes and I must log out to be able to use my computer again. The most recent occurrence happened over and over and was during ice fishing, closest ice house to the right when exiting quonset hut. output_log.txt
  3. I cannot access the middle locker near the bed and outer locker in bathroom in the quonset hut(coastal village). Most of my skins and rifle/bows and ammo were in there...GONE
  4. There is also Spruce Woods Park in Manitoba, full on desert.
  5. I also dislike the decay rates most, though having to eat multi-kilograms of meat everyday is also out of balance.
  6. This is such a basic concept I had not even thought of it, you are all absolutely right. Even the hides can easily be ruined, and should include the fact that you need to actually use the brain of the animal to tan it nicely and to keep it supple instead of having to pound or chew it to produce these results as some ancient cultures would do. This could all open an entire new side of the hunting/skinning process. Just dropping them on the floor has always seemed a little(ok, a lot) odd to me.
  7. I forgot to add that resources would still be finite, but it is up to us to be bold enough and resourceful enough to find and utilize resources.
  8. All your points are good, but I have to say our gaming job here is to avoid the long dark. I also believe that difficulty is the point, in a world where all electricity driven machines are useless, we must rediscover the old ways that carried man forward for thousands of years before electricity; this is what makes the game so fresh and appealing to me as a gamer. It is the classic tale of man vs nature. As far as lengthening the game, yes yes yes we need to lengthen it, that is the point and why there are badges for surviving for long periods, we do it because it is very hard but we can.
  9. I love how fire making materials are now much more realistic, and the next logical step for me would be to be able to make hand and bow drills, fire ploughs, firepistons, possibly even to search for flintrock. This would not only be useful in firemaking but tools as well, different types of knives for different uses and extend the possible survival time even more. I would also like to have atlatl added to the workbench list, this is a reasonable thing to make for hunting when you don't/can't get any gut to make a bow and have no rifle.
  10. make them into antiseptic bandages using old mans beard. good for wounds then, and you dont have to carry any antiseptic.