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  1. A million years later! Sorry! Xbox One here. I'll have to check again now after the latest update. Maybe it's been addressed
  2. Never noticed this before but the dynamic lighting from the torch casts super blocky shadows. Flare and lantern looked fine. Wondering if this is a result of the new lighting. It's such a beautiful game that seeing this was really jarring to see. FYI
  3. Yeah, had to restart the game. No big deal. Like I mentioned, the controller still can navigate the UI, it just seems that the game itself doesn't get the idea that the controller has reconnected. If it happens again I will update this topic. Could have been a fluke.
  4. Hey guys and gals, Just wanted to pass this along. It's no mystery that Xbox One has a strange issue with controller disconnects, I know that's not your fault. However, the disconnect happened then the game is stuck on the "The active controller is no longer connected" screen. No matter whether I reconnect a controller (tried two different ones). The controller and xbox aren't locked up, as I can push the xbox button and go home and navigate around. But the reconnected controller cannot get the game to resume. Thanks!
  5. Been awhile since I've poked around but this update looks fantastic. Challenges are a great idea. The xbox update is installing now! Congrats and keep up the great work!
  6. Awesome. Seems I've been to all three. I know for sure I didn't thoroughly explore each map, so after I check out where I am I'll head back through the abandoned mine and explore more
  7. Hi all. I picked up the preview of this on the Xbox One and after the hour time demo I was hooked. I dont even care too much for micromanagement in survival games but the way y'all implemented it through the UI is brilliant. Very intuitive. I'm currently making my way through day 5 of surviving. I'm not sure how many areas there are, but its just depressingly gigantic! The world is impressively large. I was expecting something scary at Misanthropes Residence. Haha. You guys and gals have got something very special working here and I'm telling everyone who will listen how great this is (and its not even a full game yet!!) Keep up the good work and I can't wait to see the future updates.