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  1. Just had this happen to me at signal hill. Everything was fine upon loading up the save, went outside and realised the bear meat id left on the floor by the fire barrel was gone and instead the wood had returned. Went back inside the room and all my furs / guts etc all curing and stocked items had gone, despite being there 2 seconds ago. I don't know if it relates the leaving any items on the ground while outdoors but I've never seen this bug before and it's the only thing I've done differently.
  2. Environmental - Campfires to emit more light (lantern still required to see despite a roaring fire) ability to take bark off trees, sleep on chairs / in cars, have locked doors requiring crowbar to enter room / building as well as open lockers, less canned / wrapped food discovered, more items (clothes!) found on corpses, can freeze food by leaving outside, less medical supplies found, the screen begins to blur earlier than when below 10% health and continues to worsen. Mental condition - Loneliness, boredom, depression. Non survival activities; book writing, reading, crafting, decorating. More crafting - Tents, sleeping bags, hats, scarfs, flask(?), bait. More items - Coffee flask to keep coffee / soup warm, backpack, satchels, Making more of the skills - Unable to skin wolves until have crafted more items / skinned a few rabbits, or create bows / jackets until have made simpler items like bandages etc.
  3. Lets get the bugs / negative stuff out the way quickly. Please note all these are while playing on Stalker. * More game freezing. Appears totally random with no certain criteria causing it that i can see. * Wolf fights don't make sense? The bar building up appears to represent nothing as wolves can flee / die at any time? * Scarfs can be repaired without a sewing kit. * Boiling 0.5 litres of water at times appears to not use any game time, where as boiling 1.5 litres has a few times increased time by over an hour. * I have had an 8h plus fire burning, cooked one lot of wolf meat, and my fire was reduced to embers despite still having 30C+ temperature. Adding more wood did not increase the duration. Changes i like - * Brilliant direction weather effects. Loved them before but its even better now. * Sprinting is a huge improvement. * Foraging for wood is MUCH better. And makes finding a hatchet quickly absolutely essential. * The new First Aid screen is easier to understand (though does lack the medi kits charm). * Nice new effects, (though i do miss the big blocks of fire!). * Wind protection icon is much more informative. * New inventory screen controls a massive improvement, i no longer accidentally re-sort everything. Changes I do not like - * You can no longer press B to 'sheath/un-sheath' the last item you had equipped. You must equip it again from the menu. * The amount of ammo you are carrying is always displayed on screen when holding a gun. It appears cluttered. * Personally I do not like being able to see the exact duration torches / lamps etc will burn for. * Snow flakes appear very bright on the screen at night time? * Some furniture, such as a tiny crate, would not take 30mins to break down with your hands! Changes I would like to see - * A minimalistic hud PLEASE. I do not need to know the controls every time i equip the same item. * You should only see your ammo count on screen when reloading. * B should once again sheath / un-sheath your last item equipped. Overall though, a great update loving it. Great work.
  4. Hello As for the save, i think it relates to quitting straight to the dashboard / turning the xbox off. Since ive been quitting to the main menu I havn't had any issues with my save. To be honest it was probably just coincidence that i was the woman at the time. Id been in and out the dam so it had had saved a bunch of times, though when i returned to the game it loaded up a save as the bloke from the night before?? Playing as the lad at the moment, but when he inevitably sprains both ankles and freezes to death ill try the girl again.
  5. Hi everyone, Id just quickly like to say that playing games casually has been a part if my life since the early 90s. Ive never been a fan if anything that holds my hand and guides me through it. Just give me your best and lets see how i do. (Demon / dark souls being my recent favourite). So having never seen this game i jumped straight in on the hardest difficulty (xbox1) and was immediatly greeted with pitch blackness, a raging blizzard with sound effects so well done i could feel the chill, and some brilliant, thought proving music. 5 minutes later; i'm dead. That was 3/4 days ago and i havnt even considered playing anyhing else with my hour / hour and a half before bed. This game looks great, and immediately sucks you in. Everyghing feels clean and with a purpose; there is no design for designs sake. Fire (and flares in particular) are excellent, snow and fog make me feel cold sat in my comfy living room, and little touches like seeing smoke coming from your hut telling you your warm fire is still going warms me feel cosy inside. The weather dies conpletely steal the show. You carefully manage yourself to regain condition ahead of a new day, just to be battered by the weather and are forced to coop up in your little cabin with just a tin of beans. Dont think ive ever played an alpha or beta before, id be happy with this how it is!! Changes / glitches / problems ive seen - * Getting stuck in rocks, mainly while hifing from the wind under bridges in pleasant valley. * Doesnt always save correctly when playing as the woman. Save is gone when i return. * When curing items it should mention in the description it must be left on the floor. I had meat in a container for a day before i realised it wasnt working. * The amount of light a roaring fire creates indoors is very low, especially from the barrel in the pleasant valley barn. That would easily be enough to light the whole room but i still need a lantern when moving around. * is it me, ir do frozen corpses almost never have any items on them?? Overall though this is just being picky. Best value for money since state if decay.