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  1. Is anyone else getting food poisoning daily at the moment? The number of times I accidentally click "use" instead of "place" for raw meat is rare, but it only has to happen once a day to make my game experience ridiculously unenjoyable. I wouldn't mind an "are you sure you want to eat raw meat?" dialogue.
  2. Let me guess... you "work" in a bank.
  3. I find that the sleep as a resource is one of the most annoying aspects of the game. When I am planning my activities for the day I am shocked how I can only climb three ropes in one day, then I need a full night's rest again. A similar thing happens if I spend a day collecting firewood - wow that day went quickly, whereas having cut firewood in real life, albeit with an axe not a hatchet, I am get far more than my character can before being exhausted. The player also appears to need far more sleep than what is normal. I need 7 hours sleep a day, some people need 8 hours. The player typically needs 9-10 hours a day. I think activities like crafting, mending, and reading take too much of a toll on consuming sleep. I am essentially resting for the most part when doing these activities.
  4. Considering the clothing items all have temperature values in degrees, you can't avoid using a temperature scale. You could STILL work it out just from the clothing you're wearing but it would be extra annoying. I think removing the figure already would be silly. Just allow customisation of the Tab overlay. Better yet; make it modable in the steam workshop.
  5. I really want a canine companion too! Been thinking of ways to implement it. Like having a "wolf tamer" skill and each time you throw a decoy like deer or rabbit at a wolf you get plus one wolf taming. The level of skill would determine the number of commands you can issue your tamed wolf. So, just say you feed a wolf 10 rabbits, then that wolf becomes "tame" and will follow you about. Skill level 1: A tamed wolf will follow you about. Skill level 2: A tamed wolf will obey the "stay" and "come" commands (useful when hunting). 25% chance to repel a wolf attack, 2% chance of repelling a bear Skill level 3: Stay, come, catch (chase after a wounded deer), 50% chance to repel a wolf attack, 5% chance to repel a bear Skill level 4: Stay, come, catch, fetch (drag a kill with you), 1kg pouch, 75% chance to repel a wolf attack, 10% chance to repel a bear attack, Skill level 5: Stay, come, encircle (circle and chase the prey towards you), catch, fetch, guard (a kill or a pathway from wolves), 100% chance to repel a wold attack, 20% chance to repel a bear attack. 2kg pouch. Can be raised and lowered on climbing ropes.
  6. I was thinking about this too. But just for the bow. Fire at the target in Pleasant valley and get skill increase for every bull's eye fired from a set position behind the target. The cost would be the durability of one's arrows, but also maybe a limit of 10 points? Just because there isn't an archery skill book in the game.
  7. I live in Australia. Drop bears are rough, but I have more trouble with the Velociroo (That's a three metre tall flesh eating kangaroo).
  8. My "smell-o-meter" was at 3 that particular time. Also in the past there wasn't usually a bear near that rope.
  9. I had heard all about "care bears" but today I learned about "air bears". Thank you. Ummm... is that bear actually alive? It looks kind of funny...
  10. One time I walked into the Coastal Townsite on Stalker and five wolves attacked me. I had so much wolf meat it wasn't funny because the parasite risk meant I was going to take weeks to get through it all safely.
  11. I loved the stones and new rabbit hunting options. Although reading through the comments here, I think a lot of people would like to customise their game difficulty experience. Maybe have an option to create customised game experience: Stones? Yes/no Abundant rabbits? Yes/no Spawn knives and hatchets? Yes/no Infectious carnivore meat? Yes/no Max skill capped at: 1/2/3/4/5 Realistic item deterioration?: yes/no And so on...
  12. I have noticed this as well. If you would like this game to be more realistic in regards to plumbing then there need to be water towers (HINT to Devs). The Carter Dam might be supplying water to some regions, but I thought it was just electricity.
  13. I was climbing down a rope on TM and I turn around there's a bear right in front of me. I shot straight back up that rope in no time. So confirmed, the bear birds are no longer on your side. I suspect they want the bear to kill you so they can enjoy the scraps left behind.
  14. Is it possible that you might have been bitten twice but only cured one infection risk? I've done that before. When the infection risk gets high one dose of anti-septic might not be enough. I haven't had this problem since the last update, but I will look out for it.
  15. You have reminded me of this. What is with the new wolf AI? I actually find them far easier to kill than before. Previously they would zig-zag and be more unpredictable. I have had the healing problems you've had, but I am not sure what's happening with the AI. I shall play some more and think about how I feel about it.