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  1. Yeah, I do that as well right now, but I still think it could be a nice feature to add ^^
  2. Hey! I just found a few bugs in the contemplation bridge zone: In here, the snow textures get all shakey shakey, I would need a video to show it, but here are the coordinates at least. Also, there is a spot on the road where you can enter the floor: Eventually even making the road disappear: I don't know if someone reported this already, but I hope it helps somehow! Keep the good work up!
  3. Hello! I've recently bought the game, and I must say, I absolutely love it. I do have some suggestions for it, but the first one would be this: allow a way to leave some marks in the map. For example, carving a tree with the knife, or attaching a piece of cloth to it. It's something I think someone who has to live for a long time in the wild would do, to find their way easier, and it would help a lot to know where we are sometimes, especially in the middle of a snow storm or a foggy day.