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  1. It is possible to get trapped by the waterfalls in Forlorn Muskeg. You do this by climbing over the rocks and falling into where the waterfall lands. There is no way out. I use Windows 7 and 10; both have this bug. To reproduce: Go to waterfall, climb up onto the rocks using the slanted surfaces, and then fall into the hole where the waterfalls are. Visibility: Always can reproduce
  2. My goodness, it's been two years already? Seems like a longer than that! Keep up the good work Hinterland!
  3. Taking the GPU out of this computer and putting into one with overall lower specs actually causes the game to run better. Also, 720p on low graphics still shows the same frame rates as above.
  4. I've had this game for over a year, and have had issues with frame rate the entire time. Originally, I though it was because I had a junk graphics card, but even after getting a new GPU, I still have frame rate issues. On low graphics, I get 12 FPS. Medium graphics will net me 9 FPS. High graphics give me an average of 6 FPS and Ultra is about 2 FPS. My system specs(below) are at least equal to the recommended system. OS: Windows 7 SP1 Processer: Intel CPU @ 2.8Ghz Memory: 8GB RAM Graphics: AMD with 2GB of VRAM Hard Drive: ~2TB of space Sound Card: IDK the exact model, 7.1 surround sound
  5. A note on the "single player only" note, most games will have multiplayer squeals.
  6. I can get to 300+ days without loot respawning, but this might be a neat feature with other survivors.
  7. You aren't the only one. 200 hours of combined online and offline game play later; my entire life is me thinking The Long Dark.
  8. I didn't see this bug already reported, so I decided to report it. Bug Information: Bug name: Stuck in Ravine and can't move Bug description: When in Ravine coming from Mystery Lake, the player can get stuck in a hole without ever being able to move again, forcing them to have to reload their file. OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Enter Ravine from Mystery Lake Walk to where the train cars are derailed Enter the open car When leaving the car, hug the right of the door and go away from Mystery Lake(player's right coming out of the car) You might end up stuck in a hole I believe that this bug occurs because of the slopes in the area. This bug also occurs without entering the car, but it didn't happen for me more than once. Test Results: Enter train car and get stuck: 37/50 times Don't enter train car and get stuck: 1/50 times Being able to get unstuck: 1/38 times (I started walking around and I clipped into the train car through the wall somehow)