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  1. Here already said that casual events in game could make it more interesting. I offer the options. 1. The bear scented row meat and drove away (struck) a wolf when it eats a deer. The wolf escaped, the bear eats. 2. Wolves and bears try to get into the house if feel row meat inside - they can break a door. The player will be needs a hammer and wood to repair a door (differently at it the wind will blow and will become colder). Interestingly if animals could get into the house on all modes (on the lung they would only try to steal food, on the difficult - attacked the hero). 3. Wolves could hunt on crows when those sit down on snow (even better not wolves, but foxes). The player could kill crows with bow. 4. There can sometimes be a rain. After it on the street in canisters or pools it is possible to extract dirty water. 5. Because of geomagnetic activity light (there is an electricity) can sometimes blink and then by radio tell news, but still quickly breaks and the electricity again vanishes. 6. Sometimes when there is a heavy snow, the wind someone whistles can call on the help (simply a voice and everything, hardly audible) 7. The strong wind can sometimes open the doors in the house (or windows) and the hero wakes up (if sleeps) from a roar, and it needs to close a window or a door which continue to publish noise. 8. Deer can butt horns with deer
  2. I once suggested to tear long ago towels, curtains and blankets to pieces. It is all about the balance, but it is the truth strange looks - so much fabric around, and you freeze. It would be possible to enter automatic collecting fabric (as collecting wood) from the house (10 pieces) - thus after collecting all towels and curtains and other subjects from fabric disappear, except a blanket on a bed. From a bed it is necessary to collect separately fabric but after that it loses a warmth bonus.
  3. Myroslav


    I like your ideas. The statistics could be issued interestingly in the form of the diary or a board with pins (here already offered), a shovel I would dig out holes refrigerators to store in them row meat on the street (so it wouldn't spoil long), and cigarettes - could warm the player and lighten it mood, but at frequent use to cause problems with health.
  4. This idea is pleasant to me much more than that in which in a dream the player struggles with wolves (a dream it something unusual if to realize it, in a dream everything has to differ from reality, it seems to me, differently there will be a monotonous repetition). We can't really control the dream, it would be even better if the player couldn't go to bed again if he slept also vigorous (during the day), and at night he would lay down but couldn't fall asleep, would be dissatisfied this morning. It would complicate game and forced the player to work, do something.
  5. I absolutely agree. mode stalker has to be more difficult. in 235 there were many tools and things, game became much easier, on the mode the stalker - too, because of it to play not so interestingly. I hope in the future it will correct.
  6. By the way, have you read the answers Raphael van Lierop? He talked about how to make the game more realistic and harsh, as I understand it. But he also said that he would not alter gameplay (which means that most likely will not be added Sanity or psychological state).
  7. Friends, let's go back to discuss the topic of fasting. Everyone has the right to express their views, no matter how long ago he came here - we want to help make the game brighter. Let us, like Bernard Verber, follow the rule of "Cooperation, Reciprocation, Forgiveness" - it is the most effective way to communicate.
  8. So, am getting the results about the game This War Of Mine. You know, I really enjoyed it. I've been trying to survive, he played eight times. The longest lived 41 days, but did not win at that time. Won only now, the war ended on the 36th day. It was very difficult. I knew what kind of psychological discomfort you said. The game, of course, very depressing. But this is its essence - the war is never easy and fun. In the TLD will also be situations in which the hero of a difficult choice (to kill people, to select food, plunder) and it should affect the psychological state of the hero. In the TLD is no such depressive pictures (all in black tones), and there is not a war, but also virtually hopeless situation. Thank you for showing me This War Of Mine. I love games that do not leave you indifferent. )
  9. Interestingly, someone from the team reads this section of the forum? how would you like to hear some feedback )
  10. Well, I'll try. Maybe I'll be disappointed) I also want to see in the game original idea the team, and in any case I do not want them to take some ideas from other games. I'm sure they will come up with better. I was speaking about my vision. )