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  1. So many many months ago I was pleased to find you responsive to fixing issues while running under Windows XP. Well, guess what, a new issue... Up until late March 2016 I was happily running TLD on my wonderful WinXP platform with the latest release with TLD. I cannot pin down the exact date but sometime around Mar 22 until now Steam went through several updates. I only got back to trying to run TLD yesterday and found that it fails to launch. It gets through the two intro movies to the 'loading' part and then hangs. I'm including the output_log.txt. It never makes it to the main splash screen ( nice picture of the cabin, start new game, load saved game, exit). It appears to an error in SteamAPI_Init() (judging from the output_log and the last lines logged). I can't find anyone else reporting a similar issue (but who else would be foolish and stubborn enough to continue running WinXP?). I can attempt to save the game files and follow the procedure for uninstalling/reinstalling Steam. But perhaps you can spot something in the output_log before I try doing this? Happy to provide additional info, just ask. Thanks, G.H.A. output_log.txt
  2. Hi Support; My wife experienced this event on Aug 28. At best she would have had v.257 (based on the changelog dates). She's in the habit of playing for long stretches so she might still have been playing under v.256 or even v.255. If there is a local log kept on the machine of when updates were applied to TLD I can go look through it. She has now updated to v.264 and tried loading the save game, but was still trapped. I don't believe she will have updated to v.265 yet. If it will help we can reload the save game and I can generate a set of coordinates over the very narrow area that she is able to move around in.
  3. Hi Patrick; Thanks for the response. I posted an update, it was in Pleasant Valley, along Skeeter's Ridge.
  4. I believe it was Pleasant Valley, along Skeeter's Ridge. I'll verify that tonight. I didn't realize the coordinates didn't map to a unique location over all the regions. Update: Yes it was Pleasant Valley, along Skeeter's Ridge (915.7, 116.8, 2321.6)
  5. So, given the responses above I had my wife go ahead and update and try out her saved game again. She is still trapped. However, to clarify, I don't think her position in the game is actually below the surface. She is literally trapped in a crevasse. She can walk around in the area, she simply can get out because the side is too steep. From this location the crevasse looks out to an open area, but is too narrow to let her proceed. Now, in the real world people climbing around on mountains and hills on snow are in danger of falling into crevasses all the time... but they also get to carry hammers and pitons and rope and other gear too that might allow them to escape :-) So it would be nice if this area could either be made escapable. Or put a body in it with a note that says 'sorry, no way out' :-)
  6. So back on Aug 28 my wife trapped her game character in a hole. She posted the location on the the TheLongDark Facebook page (she's not on the forum). The coordinates are ( 915.7, 116.8, 2321.6 ). The question is, assuming you (the developer) know about the location, will a subsequent update fix it so that she can now escape the hole (from her saved game) or does she have start a new game? And just to stave off helpful suggestions, she was injured when she walked into the hole, so the game saved her 'IN' the hole, so no going back to the previous save point. Also, we've both tried crouching, moving, standing at various points just to see if it will jog the location enough to let her climb out, no luck. However, she's stubborn and does not wish to give up and start a new game so she's waiting to see if an update (like the major one just announced) fixes her situation. So back to the original question... will it? Again the coordinates are: ( 915.7, 116.8, 2321.6 )
  7. In v218 (but the original map was generated in a previous game, not sure what version). I visited all 9 locations that I know about in Mystery Lake - no rifle. This includes confronting and killing fluffy and being bitterly disappointed with no rifle spawn in the dam. As I was getting ready to start going over all the locations again, I was showing my wife the abandoned campfire below the train bridge at the dam when she remarked "What's that brown object sticking out of the bridge?" See attached screendump. Really unfair! Aside from that, all the objects spawned at the blind at 1630,830 were floating above the floor, and twice deer ran into rocks and got stuck around the lake (but I took no screendumps of either, so I realize that it not very helpful). Nor did I not what version I was at, probably 217.
  8. Thanks, wasn't sure about the fight option since I've been avoiding that confrontation. As for the other points, sadly, it was not lack of experience :-) I've seen the bear attack (my wife's game - just couldn't remember if the fight HUD came up for her or not...) and I know it'll wander away leaving you at ~10%, and yes I was at 100% and yes the door was closed, and no, after the bear 'left' the first time I couldn't leave the shack. I suspect that my point of reference might have been dragged inside the bear object, or part of the building. Essentially the interface was frozen, could not select first aid, couldn't move, couldn't look around... and then the 2nd attack starts and I'm hooped :-) Anyway, glad to hear the radio shack has been changed since v200. Thanks for the responses!
  9. So perhaps the bear just burst through the door? But either way, no combat? I shot a bear and then lured it back to shed at the top of Radar Hill. I was happily sitting inside the shed, listening to the bear shuffling around outside. Then its suddenly in the shed, there is no option to fight and it just mauls me. Finally it stops, I'm at 10% and that's fine, I can heal, I've recovered from 4%. But probably its [the bear] not able to leave the shed, so I'm in close proximity and it attacks again. So, if this is by design, then I really should at least be able to have the option of fighting it with my knife, just like with wolves. If its not by design... well, then it should stay outside and either die, or wander off... Anyway this is an annoying way to die at 151 days. Sigh.
  10. So on what appears to be your latest map, you have two caves with coords 1432, 209. One is labelled Burned Ridge Caves near Bunker A and the other is down by Bunker D. The first one appears to have the wrong coords. I do find a cave near 255, 1558 but for me its at about 230, 1559 so I'm not sure if I've found the right one. This area seems (for me) to be very high probability of ankle twisting so each search nearly ends in disaster as it appears that I twist ankle, then get a snowstorm. Managed now three times to eventually find my way out :-) I've found, I believe 12/13 caves so far, all pretty much where you have them mapped. So its just this Burned Ridge Cave that I can't find (yet).
  11. So with v200 now, and probably 2-3 dozen saves and reloads and transitions, no crashes. I've even started running the chromium hog in parallel again. Yes, I'm one of the 32bit systems, running 1900x1200. The memory runs about 2.8 Gb, peaks at 3.25 and then drops back down again (that's with chromium running). Very long pause occasionally when transitioning but it does come back. So, so far so good...
  12. So, exit the Pleasant Valley Homestead by the door from the kitchen so that the silo is to your right. Head straight away from the house, aim for the bridge that takes you over to the outbuilding where all the hay bales are. The second orchard tree that you come to is floating up in the air. Its bottom is conical. I know, I should send you a screendump... but wrong computer for that.... G.H.A.
  13. So, finally, something other than repeated crashes to report. At the Pleasant Valley Farmstead (the really big house with a basement in the center of the map). - Go out the door that faces the car (the front door I guess). - Stop, back up into the door (don't turn around) - You'll end up in a skeleton map of the building You should have skeleton wolves attacking :roll:
  14. Ok, now trying to return from Coastal Highway to Pleasant Valley and crash we go again. Sigh! Perhaps I should just exist the game and reload before attempting to cross. So far the first attempts after restarting the game always seem to succeed. See attached... 2015-02-14-2.tar.gz
  15. Ok, thanks for the response about the HUD. So it is working for me. Just some things people mentioned made me wonder... Alas, crashes continue with v 199 (and this time no chromium running, so my running memory usage is about 1.8 Gb before I start TLD. Again, transition, this time trying to go back from Pleasant Valley to the Coastal Highway... I'm attaching the output log, not crash report this time...