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  1. I would like to see some trading cards of this game in the future if possible, i made some myself to give examples for you guys how trading cards exactly can look for The Long Dark. I think it would be a really nice, Badges emoticons and other stuff... For example the hatchet as an emoticon...
  2. Hey guys, while playing the long dark i felt like it needed some trading cards, we did this with my friend: Cataphract Enjoy!
  3. Yeah its a good tactic but a big job to do so and high risk while with this weaponry you can do it by just placing one thing on floor.
  4. The only thing i can say is lets just wait for the developer check this, because currently its like only rifle that can kill animals...
  5. Hmm... Where am i? What happened? Uh, its cold here better find someone! After running 1 Kilometre i found a house, i had to enter, its really cold outside! "Hello, anyone in here" i shouted inside the house, no answer, i checked everywhere if there is someone, no clue, nothing. Hmm what is this? A hatchet, i might need this. Let me check the fridge... Hm... Aha! Cooked salmon, my favourite food, *Num Num Num" Delicious! Uh, i am so thirsty now, lets see what can we find, Grape Soda, this might help but it wont full my dyhadration" *grp grp grp* "Ah, declicious", I guess i am clear with this house, i better move on. "Hmm, seems like its just a bit warmer outside now, i hear something, like a dog or a wolf, i think it spotted me, i better run! ", *breaks leg because climbed a really rocky mountain* "Aaaah dammit, there is a wolf chasing me, and i just broke my leg, why world is so cruel "Its coming! I better keep moving" "TRUN" Hearing of a bone breaking a bit more "Oh no, i cant move and the wolf is really really near!" To be continued!
  6. Since a gun literally the only thing that can kill wolves and deers, why not add traps? In Sandbox there is a Trapper's homestead where you can find a gun, why not add a bear trap there? Or make a poisonous food put it outside and then let animals eat it, shortly after they will die. Bear traps will be really useful, if you dont find a gun with you, you can find a bear trap for food, delicious food, meat food. When you sleep you have 30%-60% For a bait, however, when you are watching for an animal to go inside the mine, it will be a lower chance. Also, to hunt down wolves easily, you can place raw reindeer food in the bear trap to increase the chance of bait, also you can add dog food for wolves. The meat can be eaten fully which is rare, 40-70% Which is common, 1-39% which is uncommon, and 71-99% which is a bit rarer than uncommon, also it is really really rare so that wolf did not eat the raw meat. Same for the dog food. Say hi to the trap!
  7. Sweating is something normal and probably some of us sweat everyday. If we get sweat inside because its really hot and go outside in a big coldness, we can get sickness and we gonna have to use medicine and rest just like when you break a leg. Sweating can last up to 1-5 minutes in real life time, Sweating might cause wolves to smell you easily too, so be careful if this is going to be added!
  8. Well we all know there is a cycle of day, they get shorter or longer, maybe it would be better if that would happen? :roll:
  9. As if a house does not contain a bed, you can use a chair to rest on. Yet it will burn a bit more calories and will make rest slower as the its hard to sleep on a chair and its uncomfortable.