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  1. Instead of rapidly left-clicking to build strength, how about holding down left-click, with an optimal timing to right-click? For example, if the bar started as this: ----[----+----]---- 0.5 left-click hold goes to this: ----[+++++++++]---- And overshooting goes like this: ---+[+++++++++]+--- ++++[+++++++++]++++ --++[+++++++++]++-- ----[--+++++--]---- Fatigue level can also decrease the rate of strength gauging. The Wolf DPS is still a factor. Also, instead of rapidly right-clicking to try to shove the wolf off, how about holding down right-click? Button-mashing really comes out of left field for this kind of input system.
  2. I just want to know if this is intended. If so, would having a ruined article be converted into its salvage mats on the ground change the gameplay significantly?
  3. At the moment, the "survival" key (Tab) is disabled while the container window is open. Since the player is led to hit Tab to access the most important window anyway, Tab should also close the container window. When I want to relocate to better real estate, I clean out the containers in a flash. Stacks, with their separate window prompts, force me to position my cursor in the sweet spot where the < button and the Transfer All button would overlap. Moving the < button just a bit lower so that its center can overlap easier with the TA button would be nice, but a Take All button in the container window (displayed as a << symbol, under the < symbol) would be even nicer.