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  1. Thanks for the heads up on the issue and for your time Raphael! I know you guys are crazy busy with real game development and releasing the story mode. I thought maybe it was a semi-quick solution. I am honored that you replied personally. Much respect to you and your crew at Hinterland for connecting with us players!
  2. Sorry to hear. I was mad but then realized its in ALPHA so I cant get mad. But hoping for the best so haven't played the game in a month until I hear from the Dev's. It's part of what I signed up for. All can be lost with the versions update so I just look at it as I made a wrong move and died by a wolf, it's the only way I can cope. I'm getting used to ALPHA stages, I get so attached that I forget that it's all a test and then freak out!
  3. Hi crew. I just installed OSX 10.11 and when I went to start the game it started brand new. I been looking for my Player.log file but I dont have one anymore. I copied my previous log file to my new system. Does this mean I have to start new? Attached is why I want my previous log. Just wondering why the player log would be missing when all other files and extension transferred fine? thanks for the help! D-
  4. Hi crew, After the last update I cant play the game. It loads the intro part but it wont go beyond the initial loading game screen before going into the game menu. I've done the "Verify Steam Files" procedure and it was good. Attached are my 2 files to see if Hinterland can help tld_2015-09-27-090053_Diego-Cannetos-iMac.txt (crash report) Player.log Thank you for your time and help! D- Player.log tld_2015-09-27-090053_Diego-Cannetos-iMac.txt
  5. Never thought I would love a bug... fortunately it wasn't a bear in the house.
  6. I was in the WATER FRONT COTTAGE (700, 035, -120) in the house closest to COMMUTERS LAMENT I searched the house then I walked with all it's items out the front door, got chase by a wolf and ran back inside the house through the side door and all the loot reappeared inside the house... toilet water, painkillers, cabinet food, fire logs. ( I hate reporting these type of bugs :cry:
  7. I got bugs on my game but non of which I lost stuff in inventory. nothing lost in my game im 79 days in and have everything from previous version. I don't understand how a neighbor lost everything and I didn't... but we still saw the same bugs. the nav/UI is a bit tricky to understand at first but it's simple once you play with it for a bit.
  8. WOW!!! besides this part of the forum not being touched for a while tonight's episode was WHOA!! DAMN! WTF!!!!!!! OH!!! Raphael, hope you took some time off work to watch, I know the new release is coming out Tues. But I can wait an extra week so that you could have had the luxury to witness such WTF moments on TWD. [spoil]I'm satisfied with this season... Glen must have used his jedi Pizza delivery mind trick on them. Being I delivered Pizza for 2 years trying to pay for art school I can relate when an order is wrong and people are so hungry that they are ready to eat me alive.[/spoil]
  9. You are such a big part of my game HAHA!! Even though I believe I found every location because I been everywhere on the map I still appreciate your work immensely! I recorded about 15 locations, I also noticed that caves alter locations and houses are randomly burned down in different games (PV) Thanks for making these!! ( good luck on your job hunt, good vibes to you!!)
  10. I just stared having issues with the UI. It overlaps all the graphics and when I choose one they all go back to their proper place but then cant be clicked, only way to get out of that option is the use the "esc" key but then nothing else works. I'm 12 days in Pleasant valley and It all started after I was attacked by a bear. Im not sure what happens when attacked by a bear but I couldn't fight it and it just kept spinning me around. After that my game hasn't been working the same. Did my character get brain damage? I'm running on a mac OS 10.6.8 since day 1 of alpha release and it was all smooth until that bear incident. I saw that recommended is 10.9 but how often is that going to be updated? I love my OS version better then the next ones but I also love this game. If I update my OS it will be only because of this game but since I been playing in a lower recommended version all this time I'm going to hang with it until I'm forced to update.
  11. I get a lot of my achievements (survive 20, 30 & 50 days; survive 1 & 3 nights outside) on pilgrim (easy mode). I wondered about how easy it was to get this 5 achievements Wasn't easy for me, I got the last 4 achievements on stalker mode. Those wolves are brutal! :twisted:
  12. you found 2 bunkers? I think they simply mean they even returned back to the bunker as well as all the previous buildings to make sure they got them all... not that there were 2 of each building or bunker. you felt my desperation? thanks Bill T. I got a response from Dev. team and they said they are aware and it will be fixed on the next update. STAY ALIVE!!
  13. I think there is no bunker spawn in CH map. Unless it's proven I'm going back. I have enough supplies to live a year, but without that achievement it's meaningless! I may not return, last game it was a one way short trip. Send my love and tell the world about me. If I find it I'll post it's location. HAHA!