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  1. I am currently experiencing this on the ledge halfway up the cliff from the ravine floor in Raven Falls Railway Line. I am unable to target or grab onto the rope...
  2. Hides are more or less inexhaustible resources - the animals always respawn eventually. As far as wood, there is SO much scrap wood in the game now. You can easily get 20+ pieces out of most cabins and homes, and places like the dam and the CH fishing village have a ton of wood pallets lying around. If you use strictly fir and cedar and sticks for your fires, you're sitting on a mountain of reclaimed wood to use for other purposes.
  3. Same issue when attempting to go through the broken window in Winding River back into the dam interior. My debug log is attached. output_log.txt
  4. At the very least, I'd like to see the newly killed deer carcasses turn into the ravaged deer carcasses after being fed on by wolves. We already find ravaged deer on all the maps, and I've always thought they were meant to be recent wolf kills where the wolves are their fill and left scraps behind, which you can benefit from but which aren't enough to fully live on. It would make sense to see fresh kills treated the same way, rather than ending up with a fat & healthy looking deer corpse with 0 meat, 0 skin, and 0 gut.
  5. I've been considering this for a while too. Upgrades to structures, or home repairs, that is. I was first inspired by the farmhouse, because the scattered furniture in the kitchen got annoying after a while - I had to light a match or a lantern in order to step around the misplaced chair, etc. Eventually I thought "if I was really here in this house for so long, I would have moved the chair by now..." and that got me thinking about shelter customization in general. Now my particular problem is, of course, no longer relevant now that we can salvage furniture into scrap wood. However, I still find myself thinking that if I plan to live in a particular house for an extended period of time, it would be awesome to have the ability to interact with/change/upgrade the structure itself in some small way. That could mean using a tool box to repair the broken cupboards to make more storage, being able to move, place, and use crates to stack items instead of tossing the items all over the floor, or even the introduction of fixable damage. Take the broken windows inside the dam (which Fluffy presumably used for access). What if such broken windows were introduced to some of the shelters, and the result was a much colder interior? A tool box could once again be used to, perhaps, nail a bunch of your scrap wood and cloth over the broken window to weather proof your shelter. It would be another level of complexity in the survival mechanic - do you plan to stay at this house long enough to consume materials, time, and energy weather proofing it? Should you use that scrap wood to cover a broken window, or will you need it for fires or to construct rabbit traps? Here's a curtain - can you spare the cloth as insulation on a window, or will you need it to repair your clothing later? More choices, choices...
  6. I find that it makes the world seem more dynamic - you are interacting with it directly rather than via an abstract menu panel, and the rejuvenation of collectible wood over time makes the forest seem more active, like the blizzards and wind storms are knocking down new branches day to day. Love it!
  7. Came here to post this after an experience just now. I shot a wolf point blank just as it jumped on me. While the wolf died and keeled over, I got thrashed by its ghost! Edit: I can see from other threads that this bug has already been reported and is being worked on
  8. You're already able to do this with craftable clothing. You do it from within your inventory rather than at a crafting table, and you need a sewing kit. I like the rest of your feedback - some good thoughts.
  9. With the trade-off being that you're burning up more of your fuel more quickly.
  10. We can find ravaged deer carcasses, and I've always figured those are meant to be wolf kills on which the wolf in question has sated itself and moved on. I'd like to see fresh wolf kills work the same way, such that after a wolf kills a live deer and finishes eating, the model should change to the ravaged carcass and it should have a few scraps of meat left on it. I also think that the amount of guts and leather harvestable from a deer killed by a wolf should be varied somewhat to reflect the nature of the violent feeding - you'll only get three or two or just one leather, sometimes only one gut. This would add a bit of variety to the natural cycles going on around you, increasing the immersion somewhat. It would also curb the large amounts of extra buckskin that long-lasting players currently end up with (esp. now that rabbit and wolf skins are used for coat and glove repairs rather than leather). I do notice that this seems to partially be in place when it comes to rabbits. I've checked out rabbit carcasses after a wolf kill and found that there is sometimes no harvestable rabbit hide. If that's intentional, awesome - if it's a glitch, make it a feature
  11. I was thinking about something along these lines, at least in relation to rabbits. Wildlife behavior can factor into a game's believability and liveliness a lot - something I've felt in Minecraft as the Mojang team has added more animals and plants over the course of their updates. It's made the world come alive so much more. Having to be a bit more crafty when trying to snare wildlife would feel more rewarding, I think. I've never trapped rabbits in real life, but as I understand it, you've got to be pretty keen on where to set a snare to successfully catch a rabbit. Currently, so long as you find or make a snare and set it anywhere in a rabbit zone, you're guaranteed a rabbit roughly once every other day. It would feel more rewarding if you had to find game trails amongst the shrubbery and place your snare in a position where a rabbit is guaranteed to go. It would add an element of having to outfox your prey, which you have to do to some degree with the deer, wolves, and bears (which will flee and/or attack depending how close you get to take your shot with the rifle).
  12. Unless I was oblivious before, I think I found two more additions to searchable objects like the microwaves. I noticed that mailboxes in town can now be opened (assuming that we'll eventually find some newspapers there or something), and that the AC grate inside the prepper bunker can be opened. I have yet to find anything behind the grate, however.
  13. In case any additional context helps, I just encountered this same glitch with both a wolf and a deer and did a little experimenting. I chased a deer into the Fishing Village marina, where a wolf was located, hoping to score a double kill with one bullet. The wolf and deer both became embedded in the ice. They both were running but not moving, and I could walk right up to them and nothing would change. Then I shot them both, and they each died and fell - making them unrecoverable, fully covered by the lake surface. Only one tiny corner of the deer's antler was visible above the ice. However, after an afternoon of working at the crafting table in the Fishing Village, I returned, and both bodies had reappeared at the surface in the interim and are now harvestable, which I wasn't expecting.
  14. I noticed this too, and asked about it a couple months ago but never got a reply from anyone. I assume that the "trigger" area for getting the name prompt is just smaller than it maybe should be. viewtopic.php?f=74&t=3710