TLD Top Trumps!


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Anyone fancy signing up for a game later this month?

The way I figured it could work is as follows:

Everyone plays a new sandbox on the same difficulty starting in the same zone for a pre-determined number of days, for example:

Mystery Lake - Voyageur - 7 days 0hrs.

Once time is up,submit a screenshot of your stats via the forum personal message for verification and play as you would a game of Top Trumps.

Each player has 3-5 lives and to start a random player picks a 1st stat, the winner of each round chooses the next.

It could be expanded upon to make it more interesting using the detailed view but it may become over complicated submitting logs.

Let me know if you're interested or have any ideas to tweak it...


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55 minutes ago, LucidFugue said:

Do you intend to set the category before everybody starts, so there is a goal? I.e. most calories expended, most hours indoors, most wolf encounters?

No, the beauty of the game top trumps was even a weaker card could trump a power card in certain categories.  Wanted to try mimic that play!

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