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Monty Cristo

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At the risk of drawing criticism for not being a purist and taking away from the authenticity of a video game, I'll ask the question anyway:  How many locations are there exactly?  And how many are there on each map and transition area?

I've had my character alive for 170 days and explored 78% of the world. I only have two goals left before moving on to stalker mode.  One to exceed my previous game of 250 days before abandoning it and the other is to explore 100% of the entire world.  The former is easily accomplished, however the latter has the potential to become tedious.  So I'm not trying to anger anyone or take any of the reality out of the game, as goofy as that sounds, but merely trying to gauge what I need to do to accomplish such a goal.

If anyone provides this information, please indicate that it has spoiler potential.  I notice some people take this game quite seriously.  So if those people are upset that candy bars last forever if you don't pick them up and players they've never met are reloading games when mistakes are made, this might just cause a shooting spree in a mall near you.

Thanks for taking the risk in any case!

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I couldn't say for sure but one thing I have noticed is that % explored seems to be 20% for each zone and nothing for transition areas. 

I still haven't consulted player made maps and have been a bit too lazy to make my own notes, I have a feeling that hidden bunkers may also count as my percentage explored rose slightly once and I had not discovered any new locations apart from one of those.

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