Abandoned Mine, display crashes but not the game


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This is my first time entering the "Abandoned Mine" that transitions from Coastal Highway to Pleasant Valley, at about day 60. I enter the door of the mine, and it brings me successfully inside the mine. I can see shelves, I can see the mine tunnels, I can walk around a bit.

However, about 5 seconds after entering, the game hangs for a bit, and the whole visual part crashes to the desktop. However, the game doesn't actually stop. I can still hear everything, when I move with WASD I can hear my footsteps. I can light my lantern and unlight it, etc. (all just confirmed through sound). But I'm looking at my desktop the whole time.

Also, during those first 5 seconds after entering the mine, I can actually walk around just fine and do anything. But after, the display crashes.

If I load up that save and turn around immediately and leave before 5 seconds, I go back to coastal highway and everything is fine, no problems after any number of seconds. If I turn back around and go inside again, though, again 5 seconds in, the display crashes.

PC: Windows 7 64-bit

Location: Abandoned Mine between Coastal Highway and Pleasant Valley

Fixes attempted:

-Turned around, left, went back in, same problem.

-Tried holding different objects. No difference.

-Can't think of any other fixes.

The save is fine, it loads up every time no problem. I can't attach it though, because you have a maximum 2mB attachment size?

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